Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"Update!!!" they screamed! "Update! Update!"

Here goes:

Wrote an aptitude test some weeks back and had to jack Gmat like crazy. I spent sleepless nights trying to understand maths and I came to one conclusion-I really don't need that subject in my life. I mean, I understand it when you ask me to multiply 6 by 4 and subtract 20 from the figure you get. That's easy and full of logic. But why would anyone ask me to find out why X equals Y when it is raised to the power of 2?! Hello! We've left figures now and are doing alphabets? Why don't they just leave the alphabets were they belong? In books, in langauges, in literature, in conversation.

x+ y= x-y
Find y.

What if I told them "y" simply stood for "yeast" or "yellow" or "yarn"? They'd simply draw a big cross that looks like an X on my script and tell me I made an F9.
It's really funny that I once won a prize for best math student in JSS1. I also used to represent my school in JET competitions. I even finally ended up as the laboratory prefect. It's funny I was always among the top 2 in science class but maths was never my thing and while I was dying to study literature [In my school, you couldn't do literature if you were a science student] my math teacher thought I was on my way to becoming one of the best doctors of all time. Ha ha! My waec result came out and I made a p8 in maths! That shut my teacher up for a while. I resat the exam again and I made a p7. I'm yet to write it the third time and I even doubt that I will but I'm thinking I would definitely make a C6 this time! It's called persistence abi? I salute all you mathsters around the world though. I admire you, I respect you but with due respect to you all, I don't envy you!

All ye fools
I actually planned to fool you guys on April fool's day but didn't make it. I was going to tell you that my book had come out and that I was going to have a book launch. I even designed a cover for it. But hey! I'm also thinking I could actually write a book. It doesn't have to be an April fool thing.

Bible study Invitation
Plus if you're a christian and you live in Abuja and want to get to know more about the word of God, there's this Bible Society Fellowship going on in town. It's run by Americans and it's so much fun. You get to study a particular book in the bible, attend interesting lectures and even have interesting group discussions where you can bare your mind, ask questions and even answer questions the way you know how. It's really great and you'll learn how to depend more and more on the Holy Spirit everyday. It holds evert Tuesday by 5: 30 pm.
So I'd blog up when the next introduction class will kick off and you could come around if you're interested.
Venue: 1st Baptist Church,
Gimbiya Street, [Same street as 247, Roses and Ibiza]
Area 11,

Legal case with Fantasy Queen
I'm also thinking of suing Fantasy Queen for using my picture as her screen saver! I'm gonna get the best boston legal expert on blogsphere and sue her for a whooping sum of money in dollars! It's gonna be so huge I'd be rich! And I'm gonna be so rich that I'd have breakfast in Madrid, have my laundry done in Tokyo, purchase all my chocolates from France and have dinner in Italy!

Could this be love?
Then keep your fingers crossed for me but it seems like cupid has struck me for real this time. The funny thing is that this guy has always been around me. We've been friends like forever! Love [I'm really hoping it is] was in front of me all this while and I never knew it! There I was looking somewhere else when he was just by my side. Goodness! Anyway, I'm treading this path carefully. I'm glad but scared so I don't wanna rush into something and make a fool out of myself at the end.

Take care
And if you're feeling down today, remember God loves you and give yourself a big warm squeeze and smile! He's always there!


Pink-satin said...

firstttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!okay let me go n read d post

wellsbaba said...

when it comes to maths I'm ur irony...i used to HATE maths but I ended up studyin maths n statistics in d university of lagos n now im addicted!
omo wen i land abj i go lyk reach dat kin fellowship,wat book of d bible are u workin on?.........

ejura said...

@ pink satin: Hey gurl! Ok so you read the post and didn't leave a note? How you dey?

@ wellsbaba: You're addicted to maths?!!!! There's no therapy for that one oh! Hmmn, na wah oh. All the best sha. The fellowship's great.I think they have it in different parts of Nigeria even. We're studying the book of Matthew now we're on Matthew chapter 25. Jesus' return. Kinda scary chapter sha.
Thanks for stopping by!

anonymous gal said...

hmm u cant really hate maths if u won reped ur sch. i hv hated maths rite from primary sch.lucky 4 me i got a job asap so i did not need gmat.else i will still b job huntin

Aijay said...

Aww...Ejura is in love!!!

Pls give us an update on this development... My eyes are waiting. lol..

ejura said...

@ aijay:
Babes shhh! I'm not even really sure right now. It seems arkward cos we've been do you make that transition now? But it's a good feeling too. Me too I go soon get my Mr!

Aijay said...

Shhh! ke? Are u kidding me? No way!
*Screaming* LOVE IS IN THE AIR!! lol
U sound happy though. Don't worry about the transition... trust me, it happens naturally.
Just follow ur heart babes.

John Bello said...

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