Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nothing much to talk about

Today I woke up feeling like a truck had run over my nose. I hate Catarrh! I hate it so much. I started having the symptoms yesterday morning and by night it had become a full fledged cold. I've soaked myself in hot water, drank tea, applied Robb all over my chest and even swallowed a tablet of actifed but my nose is still blocked. I feel like yanking it off and scraping all the catarrh out! (I know this isn't lady like but who cares now jo). Plus I had a bad hair day this morning.

So, I've been reading the comments you guys left me on the undies thingy and laughing in spite of the pain I feel in my chest. Brothers, make una the make mouth oh! Una well done. None panty washers! Who even wants you to touch their undies sef?!

So I went ablogging this morning and here's small gist on the posts that are up as I understand them.

Ladyguide: She's our guide oh and her posts are really full of guiding materials. Current post [That is if she doesn't put something else up like in the next 10 secs] is "When do you start flogging your kids?" Go leave your comments there.

Afrobabe: This sista sha...I...ok, this post has a picture attached to it. On first glance it's just a pic until you look closer and you see it's more than a pic.... Hers talks about "When to have sex in a relationship". She actually wanted to put up something political and serious and stuff, according to her, but she came up with this instead.
PS: Abeg, that her advice sha get as e be. Afrobabe, you no go kill me!

Today's ranting: She is still on about the general oh! I'm thinking it's Sani Abacha but there are so many African generals like that in Africa that it could be any number of them.

Free flowing florida: Her post is on pregnancy, abortion and the hypocrisy of it all. And I'm asking myself, what would I do if I got preg today. I'm pro life and all but what would I do when faced with a growing egg in my womb? Speaking of which, I heard Barrak Obama made one "Baby killer" oops in a speech. I don't have the full gist yet sha.

**Men, una see the fight for Delta State, House of Assembly? Are those guys touts or leaders? Kai!**

Princesa: Yeah, her bro got married and she has the pics up. They all look splendid in Blue and Yellow. I wonder what my own colour will be? What if I use black?

Andy: Finally some drama in the medical world! Two ladies have a crush on our dear recently married Andy! He's become crush sandwich and his post about it is so hilarious. Way to go Doc!

30+: I'm not sure what I read now but did she really say something about going bald? I don't think so!

Aloofar: Is still reading Richard Branson's "Screw it, let's do it" oh! I can't wait to read it myself.

Smaragd: She's got some facts on her post. So the fear of insects is called Entomophobia? I didn't know that. What is the fear for a specific insect called because I am darn scared of cockroaches! I hate em, I can't kill em and I can't sleep when I see one! Once I kept a vigil in my room because there was one high up on the wall and it was too late to beg anyone to help me kill the brown warrior. Some of them look like they've been around for 100 years. Kai! I don't even like spraying them with insecticide because they get crazy and start to fly...no, those things are demonic!

Aijay: Make una help me beg this madam to update! She's been reminiscing for so long now. Aijay, please do something!

Honey well: She has something on "Bite me". Something she saw on ladi's blog. She also has a video up on Steve Harvey. I'm yet to watch it though.

Kai, I'm tired let me rest small.

I painted my nails a deep red abi na maroon today and I am not sure whether I should go look for gloves to wear or just flaunt em. That colour is so bold I'm not sure why I chose it. Actually, the girl at the saloon assured me it was fine but now I'm thinking of suing her for negative influence! I wish I were in America where I could make a fortune off suing people! I'd sue the amebo security men at my office. I'd sue my boss's P.A for continuous toasting even after I said I no want. I'd sue my neighbour for leaving his gen on all night. Haba, na only him need light?! I'd sue the guy who stepped on my toes and didn't apologize. I'd sue the electronic security doors in that bank that keeps screaming "metal, metal, metal". Whether my teeth has metal in it I don't know...an endless list of cases oh jo.


princesa said...

I pop da cherry!!

Today's ranting said...

Hey babe your post get as e be.You just surmarise all the blogs dem wey u dey read. Those niger delta house members are really funny mhen. The fight in the house cracked me up big time. It's only in our country u see such things happening. There was a time there was slapping in the house of representative durring obj's time. So tey one woman slap one man in the house. That was just the height. Wetin I dey yarn sef. Lol!

princesa said...

Sweetie, this is the first post am reading today and am glad i did. Brought smiles to me face.
You call me entertaining, i think you are more entertaining!

lol@ choosing black as asoebi for ur wedding. trust me, i wont wear that,lol!

and i so hate those metal detector doors... we should do the law suit together.

Today's ranting said...

Hey princess took first position, thought I was gonna be first arhgggg.

princesa said...

@todays ranting, where did you pop out from girl?!!!

Today's ranting said...

WETIN DEY DO PRINCESS SEF? yiou bit me to it again

princesa said...

lol! Where you dey de type long comment post
Better luck next time

Today's ranting said...

No mind me joh, next time I'm gonna be first second and third.

Afrobabe said...

No where near first...hmmm.

Afrobabe said...

In actual fact I am 3rd cos I just saw that it was 2 ppl having the time of their life...

metal detector shouting metal metal..hahahahah...meanwhile ppl with guns will pass and the thing will keep quiet..rubbish...

ermmm what was I going to say again???

Ok, that my advice na joke oh..been getting ppl asking me if its wise...see wahala...but there is smaaalllll truth in it sha....lol

sorry about ur nose...I know that feeling...

ejura said...

@ princesa and today's ranting:
I'm suing you gurls for using my page to send cyber sms to each other!

@afrobabe: You are going with me to court as a witness. don't be scared babes. I'd make sure you are in witness protection. They won't be able to get you!

ibiluv said...

i dont know why it works
all i know is u get a good nights sleep and ur nose dries up.....................try it