Monday, April 14, 2008

Ejura says Yes

Relationship gist's that season...

So I said yes to him.
and now I'm scared.
He's the serious kind of guy,
The one who isn't out to break your heart,
The one you can trust.
I've never really been that kind of girl,
My longest relationship was 7 months,
I'm afraid of commitment.
I keep holding back,
They say I've got fences around me,
Fences I put up myself,
Well, now I want to break free,
So I said yes.

However now that I've said yes to him,
Other guys are popping out of the shadows,
They all want to get married,
Where were there all this while huh?
What where they doing?
I've walked down the same street for a year now,
Lived in the same neighbourhood for that long too,
Why didn't they see me then?
Were they blind
Or have I changed?

Mominto says it's my time.
She says every woman has her season,
when men chase her like moths to a flame
just so she can have a whole lot of options.
I don't know which is better:
Having a whole lot of options or just knowing who the "chosen one" is?
She says to use this time well cos it may never come again and even if it does, it may take a while...
That's one reason why some women remain spinsters;
They didn't recognize when their time came.

Well, I've said yes,
and I'm going to stick to that.
He's got a great heart
and I know that's what counts.
I love him and he loves me.
God keep us together.


Afrobabe said...

Congrats babe, hopefully he is the one...All the best

Aijay said...

Awww.. As long as u're happy Ejura... All the best!!

Afrobabe said...

Ejura, how did u know I have been staring at the comments and wondering where to start???

Babe, you are a soul mate...I just weak..should have been answering them as they came....

Today's ranting said...

Congrats mheen.You have them chasing you now ehn, hmmm i envy you ooo.It's good to find love innit? Wish you guys da best.Wink!

ejura said...

@ afrobabe: I think he is the chosen one. Tanx oh! About those million comments on yr page, hmm, when I saw it I was like wow! I guess it's because u've been firsting and seconding about on blogs and because people find u very interesting and full of mischief. Hmmm, better reply aloofar oh. wink, wink!

@ aijay: Thanks gurl! My fingers are crossed.

@ today's ranting: Yes oh, now they're chasing me oh! Na dem sabi sha. Thanx!

tobenna said...

Fantastic, Ejura!
I'm a sucker(privately, of course) for romantic stories.
Forget X jare and stick with Ar.
You do love him, don't you?

princesa said...

Girl am so happy for you jare.
Hope fully we go wear aso-ebi soon*wink*

Am searching for the one too. Seen him??

Jaycee said...

Awww...(I have the same sentiments, lol)

Afrobabe said...

:-) reply who??? (angelic ring on my head)..

ladyguide said...

..but he's got a great heart.......

i second u on dat my sister,a great heart is what really counts, congratulations o jare, lol!

James Tubman said...

he may have a great heart but it's going to take more than that

it's going to take knowing when to give love and when to cut it off

a skill that many of us don't know

Smaragd said...

@ James tubman *scratching head and trying to understand what that means*

Eju dear(am feeling familiar abi?it's all this loving in blogsville, gone straight to my many congrats.

hm, i've learnt of late that pple like Ar are the great ones jare.

as per what Mominto said, i've heard it a coupla times and it scares me shitless!which one be season now?ehn?all the guys i've been meeting are either not my type or are not my type AND in relationships! so i really hope this is not my season o!lol

I want my own special someone too, not hordes of "no-one's"!

Smaragd said...

p.s, was touched by what u did for afrobabe, really sweet of u, seriously!

ejura said...

@ james tubman: Is love actually as complicated as that? Like smaragd, i don't get it either.

@smaragd:Pls feel free to feel familiar! Thanks jare! Yeah, that season thing scares me too.

I agree with you about people like Ar too. I just wish all those M&Bs didn't make them seem all 6 foot plus, muscular, tanned, biceps bulging, sexy...Good thing with age is it makes you more realistic.I'd never have looked at Ar twice like two years ago when I was still crushing after some tall hunk of a guy.

Don't worry you'd soon find your special someone. I had kinda given up searching when he popped into my life.Let us know when he comes oh!

ejura said...

@ tobenna:Tanx for dropping by! Why privately now? You should shout it out from your roof top!

@princesa: Yes oh! Fingers are crossed. I think I've seen your man oh! I go gist you after

@jaycee: The same sentiments ehn?lol!

@afrobabe: You know who? You blog crusher! My eyes saw sparks fly when I read his/her? comment!

@ladyguide: Thanks for stopping by!Yes oh, na great hearts we all need!

Free-flowing Florida said...

yeah yeah, my mom told me dat too

daz why she was freaking out all those times i kept rejecting proposal after proposal

but i guess my season was one really long one (4 years & counting... lol)

it's good u've chosen. dating around is exciting but after a while a woman wants to settle down, & a good man is really good 4 d body & mind

Free-flowing Florida said...

@ afrobabe: my darling, please update now. wetin? somenoe annoy u? tell me, make i go flog d person. please, love, please

James Tubman said...

@ejura and @smaragd... most people are going to take you for granted if you keep givig unconditional love

sometimes you have to know when to cut it off

hold back your love so that they can really appreciate it when they get it again

for instance, if your mate is doig something that you don't like even though you keep asking them over and over again not to do it, cut them off

don't answer their calls for a while

go over your parents or friends house to stay

but learning this skill, in my humble opinion, is crucial to making a relationship work

Andy said...

Hmmmm, you no tell me oooh! Anyway, Ejura, I want more detailed info so u better get me informd
About the Grundig, you said u know where it is. Where?

fluffycutething said...

Awwwww sweetie


So how's it going?;)