Monday, June 30, 2008

Season finale of anything love related or maybe not...

I really don't have any idea what to blog about and the anonymous tip about the happenings at Mirage's page have left me, well, I don't that thing going on there for real?

Anyway, I was actually thinking of starting a match making kinda thingy just for wellsbaba but after what I just read at that page, I've decided to kill that idea, not that it would have even worked out in the first place. I was just looking for some fun.

Marriage. That word! How I dreamt about it the moment I was introduced into the land of fairy tales by Walt Disney cartoons. Every doll I ever had was my baby-there was no need for a father just then. My hormones hadn't started raging, my life was sheer childish bliss where the prince was an inconsequential frog who only gave my imagination wings.

My parents weren't a very happy couple and with time they split. I was happy. I had begged them for a divorce for so long. They said they wanted to stick together for the children; the children were telling them to give it up. They didn't want to. They were killing me everyday with their fights.Words of hate thrown at each other like air and I wondered how on earth they ever loved. I sought solace in my imagination. I wished my frog would appear now for that kiss. I wanted my own husband. I was going to be happy with him. He would love me and we would never fight.

I nursed this dream until I went to school. In a playground of young testosterone charged boys, all I knew was fear. When they said they wanted a relationship, I saw the shackles of marriage. I was going to be independent. I didn't need a man in my life. I would have kids but raise them alone. That way they would be happy and know peace in the cradles they weren't given a right to choose.

But Ar wouldn't let me be. He was always there trying to change my resolve. I had feelings for him but I would not let them out. I didn't need him. I needed no man. He persisted gently, afraid to hurt me. He saw me cry but I won't let him clean my tears. I didn't believe his words and I wanted no part of him. I fled. He relented. We loved each other but I was afraid.

Years and years. My parents were finally civil to each other. More years and years and they even started chatting on phone again. Sometimes they'd take two steps forward only to move five steps backward. Life went on, slow and unpredictable.

Ar found me again and this time I was ready. My fears didn't die but I was determined to take that step into his arms. Fear and hope clash in my heart even now. Fear of repeating the same mistakes as my folks. Hope that it's possible I can make it right with Ar. Fear of running out on him again. Hope that I would abandon myself in love to grow. Perfect love knows no fear. The torch of love may just drive this darkness of fear.

My parents want to reconcile. Over 10 years of separation and now I watch them chase each other again in the game of love. Father pursues and mother smiles shyly. I stand by my window just watching...maybe I am yet to grace another wedding where I would be maid of honor to the woman that gave me birth and to the man who planted the seed.

Their drama may be over; mine is just about to start. I pray thee God of love please lead me.

@ Wellsbaba: when I was done with my post, I clicked on spell check and your name was highlighted. I clicked on your name and guess the option the spell check gave me: Beelzebub! It just cracked me up now!!!!!!!!!
I just did afrobabe and it said :everybody!
Ejura even has Okra as an option!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm not sure what title

Ok, connections between eggs and men?

-They all start their lives as eggs [So do women but that's not the point here].
-They get spiced up as they grow through life experiences[Pepper, Curry, thyme, Vinegar, Nutmeg]
-Scrambled, Omelette, Hard boiled, Soft boiled, Sunny side up, Moon side down...depending on which one you have a taste for, they are all good.

So @ today's ranting: Fried eggs for me are not...oh shoot! It just felt good to put up that post girl. Plus Julia Roberts didn't help matters in Run Away Bride when she couldn't tell what kind of egg she liked the most.

Bottom line: Just like no egg type is bad, so no man's bad, well almost no man's bad...

God loves us all. Grin. And he made the eggs and gave woman the wisdom to either fry em, boil em, scramble em...ok now, I am ranting...Forgive me if it looks like i ain't making sense.

You guys, I think I got that job oh! I've been called for the final stage. I think it is an interview with the MD himself. But problem is, now I feel bad about leaving my office. They're a real pain most times but I must confess I've grown to love em...Anyway, I guess when I leave, they'd always find somebody to replace me; so there's no need feeling all puffed up thinking I am irreplaceable or something because the world always moves on.

What's this i hear about code of conduct in Lagos?

-If you beg for alms on the streets you're thrown into prison for a month
-If you encourage begging for alms you're locked up for a month
-If you expose any would or disformity for alms sake you're in jail for 3 months
-If you throw dirt on the street you're fined a 1000 naira
-If you don't have a dustbin in your car you're fined a 1000 naira

They forgot to add
"If you urinate here you're fined..."

Do you guys think it would work?
I'd be over at your blogs before you can say today's ranting...

I thought Yaradua was set to declare a state of emergency on our energy sector! How long does he need to set. PHCN is driving us all nuts.
Takia folks!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How do you like your eggs?

Scrambled? Omelette? Sunny side up?

Let's see:

Guy 1
Description: Tall, dark, handsome and bespectacled
1st meeting: School
Attraction: Smooth talker
Love or not: Curiosity
Memorable moments: None, really, none
Date duration: Um, half a semester
Break- up type: Drift apart
Egg type: Definitely scrambled


Guy 2
Description: Tall, really tall, dark and handsome
1st meeting: Through a friend
Attraction: Whacked sense of humour, spontaneity, fun loving
Love or not: Serious Infatuation
Memorable moments: The day he gave me a shoulder ride at the park
Date duration: Hard to tell, let's see, maybe 3 months? 6 months? Too many appearances and disappearances. 9 months? Not sure
Break-up type: Ghost like-Appear & disappear
Egg type: Half way sunny side up-maybe eclipse egg


Guy 3
Description: Tall, dark, handsome, lovely scar face
1st meeting: At tombola
Attraction: Fine fine man
Love or not: Bored and everyone else had a boyfriend
Memorable moments: The day he kidnapped me.
Date duration: Um, let's see, i think 3 months...
Break-up type: Drift apart, less phone calls...until the tap dried up
Egg type: Omelette? I don't know

Guy 4
Description: Tall, dark, kinda good looking and rough
1st meeting: Over the phone
Attraction: I thought he was Guy 2 come back to me, kinda complicated
Love or not: To prove to people I could date longer than 3 months
Memorable moments: Um, hide and seek games
Date duration: 7 months
Break-up type: "I don't think this is working..."
Egg type: Scrambled with tomatoes and onions

I like my eggs boiled. Yes, I like boiled eggs-that way I can throw out the yoke [I hate egg yoke] and feed on the white.

So how do you like your eggs?
PS: It's YOLK and not YOKE. Thanks to Naijalines! Though like aphrodite nicely put it, when it comes to eggs and relationships, it's probably YOKE. The good kind of yoke of course...

Monday, June 2, 2008

The irony called my neighbour

He lives in a beautiful bungalow with his family, drives a Mercedes that definitely longs for the good old days, has a laisser faire attitude to his children's upbringing as they spend most of the day and night out doors rather than in the house itself [Do they even really need a house? I mean B is only about 7 or 8 years old and she's outside hopping around the neighbourhood bare footed even when it's dark], has a lot of friends and connections in the Villa, spends a lot of his time at the Villa, borrows money from his security man [Who claims he resigned because of this], allows his kids borrow 50 naira and lunch money from aunties and uncles around the neighbourhood and has a police man with a huge gun stationed outside his house to protect his home.

From what? The possible problems outside waiting to assail the home or the ones inside waiting to get out?

I'm just wondering.

Just an innocent question or maybe not...