Monday, April 13, 2009

me back, kind of...

Hey folks!

I'm still around.

I've always been but just not on the scene.And no those spectacles aren't mine! I'm still modern and chic and sassy and ejuralized.

I've missed you all-reading all those funny articles, true life bits and rants...

But I've been having fun as many things have happened to me...e.g:

-I just discovered I have a half sister. She's three months younger than me and I think our hair textures are alike. She also has the gap teeth so I guess there is no need for DNA testing anymore.

-My relationship with AR will be a year old on the 18th of April.

-I cut my hair short again

-I lost weight and dropped to 55kg. I embarked on a crash add -weight -back-diet and now I am at 57kg! Pretty cool! It took me just four days to do this. [Easter break]

-I've been thinking more and more about getting married and having my own kids

-Thinking of having my gap closed

-Thinking of going for my masters (suggestions anyone? Good affordable schools in the UK? Me mah wan jand!)


How have you all been? LG? Princesa? Afro? Aloofar? Standtall? FQ?...So many names swimming in my mind...

Good night peeps!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

ejura the Star!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Peeps! I've missed you all so badly. It feels like centuries! I can read a lot of you have been having loads of fun and even giving each other awards. Nobody game me anything!!!!! I demand an award NOW!!!!

Anyway, I've been busy but also kinda having fun. First of all I came 2nd best overall at the end of the bank's training school. A round of applause somebody!
Your home girl with a BA French caught on so fast on the accounting and mathematics stuff that she shut out like a rocket.
Is anyone asking why I didn't come first? Well, obviously someone beat me to it and it's fine cos she was also a girl and a friend of mine. So it was perfect! The girls told the guys what time it was. I'm wondering though-are girls more intelligent than guys or something? Womankind always seem to do better at academics than mankind. Bros make una no vex oh!

So at the end of the training school, we were asked to come up with a presentation for our graduation ceremony abi na P.O.P.
I so kicked against it because my colleagues wanted us to sing and act a drama and stuff. I thought it was childish and foolish and unnecessary and humiliating.

But what's that they say? If you can't beat em, you join em. And that's exactly what your girl did. I participated in performing this song written by another colleague and I took the tenor part. I even formed the intro for it. We performed it before our audience and we got some good applause.

Fast forward to last week. I received a call asking me and the rest of us who performed the song to report to the bank's headquarters. We got there and we were told that they kinda liked the song and would like us to have it produced in the studio.

We were all excited about it and were taken to the studio where naeto c did his "kini big deal" and where Nice did his "street sensibility" and where...It was a beautiful experience. I felt like a star for a few hours. I was a star!

We were about to leave when my name was called and I was asked to wait behind. I was asked to do a voice over for a product! I was given this script to read and had to do it all in 35 seconds. Trust your girl now! I did it to the p!

When I was done, the producer took down my number and asked me if I had ever considered a career in the media. And it's funny cos I have always been ashamed of my voice. It's always been little and kinda too soft. I never believed it had serious potential but here I am thrown unto a path I never imagined.

And trust me, e good well well to dey watch american film. E day help phonetics no be small.

So you see folks, I am a star! A bank Star!!!!!!!!!

Now, don't you honestly think I deserve that award making the rounds in blogville?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Be careful where you go to cos u just might get it...

Read this in the papers:
Two lovers met their deaths while rolling in the hay on a train track in South Africa!According to the story,the train driver said he kept sounding his horn as he approached them but they were either both deaf or too caught up in the throes of passion to care.They died making love.What a way to go!
The story's sad but it did crack me up some.The moral in the story?Why,it's to tone down the need for adventure.A railway track will never make a good bed no matter how imaginative one is.Even animals know this or have you ever seen dogs mate on the tracks?
Rest in peace lovers.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A kiss for you all...

I think I need to go buy more suits. Yes, I do...

Cos guess what?

I got my letter from the bank yesterday. I was so scared when I went to their office. And as I sat in the waiting room, I kept praying, asking God to be kind to me, afraid to breath and at the same time calm in this strange way.

I told myself that the worse that could happen was that I wouldn't get the job and the best that could happen was that I'd get it. Two simple sides to my coin.

When one of their staff came in with my letter, I was so thrilled and full of thanks to God.
Yet, I think I am going to celebrate this victory quietly at the moment, so I am going easy on the CNN. Once bitten, twice shy.

Besides I don't get to start until say, next month or even later.
In the meantime,I'd be holidaying at home and hopefully gaining some little weight in the right places. So if any of you needs a baby sitter, give Ejura a call.

Thanks for all your support and cyber hugs and kisses. It's funny how people you don't even know can cyber affect your life in one way or the other.

I'm really blessed to cyber know you all.
A gap toothed kiss from me to you all.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Belgians showed me the door...ouch!

I’m sorry to humbly announce that I didn’t get the job at the end of the day.
Yes, the Belgians sent me an email that read like this:

“…I’m sorry your application was not successful. However, since you did very well in the linguistic and psychological test, we have filed your CV in our data base and shall contact you once there is an opening.”

My heart stopped for a second when I read this mail. I mean this people called me twice to tell me congratulations! Told me they needed to fill the positions urgently and so I should get ready to resume in September. I had an interview with the ambassador himself who gave me the job description, told me what hours I’d be working and even revealed the salary package to me.

He however said something that confused me. He said:
“I’d let you know if you are successful”

And I asked him what that meant because from what I was told the job was already mine and I was to resume in the first week of September. And he explained by saying that they needed four people at the embassy but he needed one person to work with him. And what he meant was that he was going to interview all four of us and pick the most suitable one for him. The other three will work in the other departments nonetheless.

So the deal was “Anyway you look at it, you have a place with us.” So if the ambassador didn’t think me fit enough what happened to the other three positions? When we called [me and another successful candidate] them last week, they told us they were throwing a send forth party for the ones leaving and would contact us immediately everything had been concluded.

And now this…


I have resigned from my present employer. Bad move right? I’m not sure because I wasn’t exactly happy there. I was underpaid and under appreciated but over used. They still owe me money they have no intention of paying. How do I continue there when I am so unhappy?

Still some think I shouldn’t have resigned and blame me for my stupidity. Throw the stones at me…I can’t undo what I did even though my boss still wants me back. I’m too shocked and…I’ve been asking God why. What went wrong? What didn’t I do right?

And the bank offer? Well, it’s my last visible card. But then I don’t know…there may be some cards in places I just can’t see now.
Hopefully I would find them and bounce back.

Ar has been sweet to me and I couldn’t have gone through the whole thing without him.
I thank God for him so much right now.
As for Belgium, it has been ruled out as one of my honey moon destinations…as for Caucasians, they aren’t any better than blacks…As for God, only He can keep to His words so much so that even if He lies [Which is impossible], that lie becomes truth because He is so bound to/by His words.

Give me a cyber hug, advice, criticism…I’m open to it all…

PS: I’m sorry I haven’t done my blog rounds. I will once I sort this all out.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm still around oh!!!!!!

So you punked me Andy! That was so unfair! There I was thinking Naeto C actually had a crush on me. Get ready Janet Jackson is about to call you!...

And no, I am not in training.

Truth is...ok, I got this job at an embassy, to be like the ambassador's P.A. The job requires a lot of French language since the country is a French speaking country. They speak German and Dutch too. Have you guessed the country yet?

Anyway, I resign from my marketing researcher job and now my boss wouldn't let me leave.

Then there's also the bank job I got.
I am in a job maze and looking for the right way out.
I need guidance and I have been asking God for it. The thing is I am sure I know what to do but the courage to make a decision and be ready to bear the consequences no matter how it turns out fails me.

Thankfully, my love life is good so in that I find some solace. I'd have crumbled like a cookie otherwise.
God is faithful.
Share your thoughts with me. Whatever it is. Cheer me up some.
Take care peeps.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Ah, nobody don arrest me oh! Wellsbaba take your time!

I've missed blogville especially your sense of humour-all of you.

No worry, I'd be back soon.

I'd gist you all that's been happening with me as soon as I get the chance to.

Much love amigos!