Friday, March 14, 2008

Picture Rants

Wasn't sure what to blog about so I decided to put up these pictures. They've been in my phone for awhile now so why not blog them up?


I'm thinking of starting my own telecommunications outfit someday so when my little cousin placed her hand over mine one afternoon, i seized the opportunity. I may just call it Lokia or Porkia or dorkia or norkia. Notice I spelt it NORKIA with an R and not NOKIA without an R. So no legal cases for me.
Original: Nokia-connecting people
Mine: Norkia-connecting some people

The park

I've always loved to paint and I used to do it on cardboards with water colours. However, I did this using "paint" on the computer and then used sepia to come up with this image. I like to think it's a...never mind what I like to think. I'm just glad there's "paint" on the pc.

Three scents
These three perfumes were given to a friend of mine at about the same time by three different men who were and are still in love with her. I found the situation hilarious as I tried on the perfumes to see which one had the best scent. I'm hoping the best scent will win. She has no comment on that one.

My new pet

After Max died, I was in dire need of another pet and I found them in these flowers which I asked my neighbor's gardener to help plant infront of my house. I used to think that talking to plants was plain silly until I started talking to these ones. I talk to them while I feed them with water and sometimes I can swear they look pretty happy and excited to see me. My mother thinks I'm weird but then she gave birth to me so I'm wondering who is weirder...


Yes me, with my uneven eyebrows [One rises up like an arc and the other is just plain flat. My sister thinks it's funny and I could care less] and my gap toothed smile. People like to think I'm nice, vulnerable, gentle and can't hurt a fly but I wish they'd look a little bit deeper...They'd see the ant squashed between my thumb and fore finger. Do you see those acne scars? No you can't! They're so faint now but you should have seen them like four years back when I would never have posed for a pic like this...thank God for the ability skin has to renew itself.

Cast no stones

I placed pebbles on my hand and took this shot. I then used features on my phone just like I explained in the picture below to come up with this. I called it cast no stones after the story of Jesus and the prostitute in the bible. I still wonder what happened to the man who paid for her services before she was caught.

Hand art

I like to imagine I am one creative Italian photographer sometimes and in this picture, I placed two pebbles in my hand and snapped away. I then used the sepia and cartoon feature on my phone to create this image. I thought it was cool and I still think so.

Fruit cake

I went for a friend's birthday party and when his wife set out this gorgeous cake my eyes went pop! I love cakes! Chocolate is my best, Coffee is good too. And I love to delve in with my spoon, slice off a chunk of creamy chocolatey goodness, put it in my mouth and close my eyes in sheer ecstacy.

Sir Charles

A smoker friend of mine once gave me his ash tray as a souvenir. He washed out all the ash in it and had it wrapped up for me. I love the way it looks and I filled it up with stones. I like to pretend it is 12th century gothic art and that it's been passed on from one generation to another.

Labadi stones

These are some of the stones I picked from Labadi beach in Ghana. My friend who's married to a Ghanaian had a great eye and selected more beautiful stones than I did. But still I love these ones. Especially that huge black one. Sometimes I place them down the length of my arm and imagine I am at a spa having stone therapy.
Get a lovely transparent glass cup or container of any kind, fill it with water and dropp coloured pebbles and shells in it. It makes for one striking colourful decor piece. It's cheap and doesn't take time to make. Light a scented candle next to it and it makes for one beautiful romantic setting.
Ok, that's it folks. Hope you enjoyed my picture rants. Today's the Mega JAM festival organized by House on the Rock, Abuja and I'm gonna be there live. You're all invited. I'd probably be wearing a brown t-shirt with my name pasted on it and jeans. So you can look out for me [Yeah, right!]. Don Moen's going to be around and I'm dying to work my way up to him to teach him an igala song. Did I hear you say not on my life?
I'll show you impossible is a word that doesn't really exist.

Have a great weekend.








why all this space? I find it annoying.


Afrobabe said...

lmao...Ejura no kill me oh...I have read only the first paragraph and I am already happy...the mood is going gradually...

lemme go

I better post b4 someone upstages me oh...

fluffycutething said...

I'm first here too oh!!!!!!!!

The fruit cake looks sumptouos(u can correct d spelling abeg).

Gosh i can't stop drooling LOL

The pictures are nice, you just may have some photographic talents u know

fluffycutething said...

Shit, i thought i was first... see why it's bad to type long comments with big big oyinbo!!!!!

Afrobabe said...

hahahahhahahahah...first God catch you guys have got me grinning my trade mark grin...Almost didnt make it cos of those stupid codes...

Love the stones...gonna try the advice, small glass bottles with stones in them and maybe some perfumed water....

Aijay said...

Hi babes! Gosh! it took me ages to get here. I even left a message on my blog and Afrobabe's.
Missed u and reading ur posts.
That fruit cake looks very yummy.
I must say u've got mad talent. Very creative. I love the painting.

fantasy queen said...

where did u learn to take such beautiful pics? they're so creative. i love to take pics too, but havent taken anything this stunning even with a phone...

plus u pweetty pweety.
send me a complimentart norkai phone jare, lets connect some people who need it(hint hint, guys connected to girls)

i hate chocolate cakes, well i dislike it but that dont mean i wouldnt eat it...

give tuface a kiss for me yeah? but try not to have any baby for'(okay that was a lame joke. have fun anyway!)

and have a lovellly weekend sweety!
plus dont go crazy talking to the plants aight...

fantasy queen said...

just read your last three posts....i'm so sorry you had to go through all that. but then...that that dont kill us only make us stronger yeah?...

ejura said...

@ afrobabe: Yeah! the babe ain't so lonely no more! Good girl. Come into my arms for a cyber hug! Mwah!
And you're first! Yeah, try the stones you'd love the effect. It's very soothing. Perfumed water makes me wanna shed some romantic tears...

@fluffycutething: You came first at afro's page leaving me with second place. Now you're second here. Hahaha1 I like your name. Here, have a cyber hug to. Mwah! I'd be checking out your page next.
Yeah that fruit cake is something isn't it? And to think the innocent birthday people left me "cake monster" to share the cake for guests! It was a feast!

@ aijay: This girl, i don miss you tire! How are u? I'd be throwing you a welcome back bash soon and I'd give you the painting as a gift. Don't disappear again oh! Here's a hug for you too. Mwah!

@ FQ: For being my first Norkai customer, here's a hug and anoda one and Mwaahhhh! For hating chocolate cakes, you're grounded for one day. Do not leave your page for one full day!For that lame joke, here's tuface's number: 08031234567. Hahaha! I guess that was lame too.
For loving my pics, here's anoda mwah!

take care babes!

wellsbaba said...

wow,ur really into arts....dats deep!

soupasexy said...

lmao..girl, ur so funny! lorkia ke. just wanna say i enjoyed ur ranting and ur eyebrows

bumight said...

i love the pictures...I used to have uneven eyebrows till this chinese lady fixed it a month ago, I've never been happier!

did I mention that I like the pics?

InCogNaija said...

nice pics...but i see you've got a stone/peeble
And i like the painting too. you try!

Lapa said...

Pareces muito simpática e o teu blogue também.

ejura said...

@ wellsbaba: Yeah, I guess I'm into art. The reason for which my folks think I am weird.Thanks for stopping by.

@soupasexy: Hi! Thanks for stopping by. And for enjoying my brows and pic rants! You take care soup a sexy/sexy soup. Imagine if there was soup like that.

@bumight: Thanks gurl! How do I get to meet this chinese lady? Do you think there's hope for me. I'm tired of my sis laffing at em you know.

@incognaija: Thanks oh!Yeah, i love pebbles and stones. I'm going to fill my bathroom with pebbles. My fish pond would be full of them too. I find them relaxing and soothing. I mite even open a pebble spa! I hope to get some great hollywood, nollywood, all the wood clientele. They seem to be drawn to anything that sounds exotic and holistic and stupid.

@lapa: hmm, I'll attempt to do this in french and igala. Ok french first:
Merci beaucoup. Amuse toi bien aujourd'hui.

In igala: Nago. De ju to la weh ni ni.

take care peeps. Enough holidays ahead!


i REALLY LIKE the first pic. Oh, the rest are nice as well, but the first is just cute. lol!


Andy said...

Thank goodness, oh so u have been back in blogville for a while now. Na waah ooo. Good to see u though

princesa said...

I didnt know you were so beatiful, talented, creative, bla bla bla,lol!
I need to stop gushing babe but i cant!

For all that space just edit ur post, scroll down to the end of the post and keep backspacing till u get to where the post ends.

I ope u got that.

Uzezi said...

love the pictures and i always marvel at artists. especially the ones who paints. connecting some people-norkia. really?

ejura said...

@ sol: Hi, thanks for stoping by. so you like the first one ehn? That means you'll most def buy my norkia when it comes out. Norkia-we connect some people...yeah!

@andy: I've really missed you oh! Tried your line the oda day and they were like number incorrect. How you dey? How's wifey? Ye, I'm back on blogger. Cudn't keep away.

@ princesa:Thank you, thank you-blush-blush. Thanks about the space remedy too. I'll see how it works. U takia!

@uzezi: Thanks for stopping by. I marvel at artists myself. They're mostly crazy and always broke-I have a few of em in my family.Yeah Norkia-connecting some people. U seem interested. I didn't know it would sell so much especially since it's still to be launched.

Happy easter holiday folks. Ciao!

fantasy queen said...

madame, theres a word called update, heard about it before? well it simply means UPDATE....

plus, i stole your norkia picture as my screen saver(sue me)might even sell some of the pictures, i need new shoes.

was in abuja for during the break, would have called you but 080312....go figure!

Aphrodite said...

Really cute pics!
You should take up photography babe.

Afrobabe said...

Ejura....long gist for us???

fluffycutething said...

Tis now time to update sweetie;)

Terentia said...

This is great info to know.