Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rice and stew very plenty...

Mama Iyabo: Customer, how now?
Mama B: Fine oh!

Mama Iyabo: Abeg give me two bags of rice.
Mama B: The money don add oh!

Mama Iyabo: You like money too much jo. No be 6000 for bag? How much you wan add on top again?
Mama B: Rice don cost oh! Na 12,000 for one bag now.

Mama Iyabo: 12 gini? Na play you dey play or what?
Mama B: Which kain play now? Market woman the play?

Mama Iyabo: 12 thou wetin? You mean say my two bag na 24,000.
Mama B: Na so I see am.

I don't know about everywhere else but the rate at which mosquitos are attacking us in Abuja is crazy. I've used all the insecticides I know and the result is no different. Bagon, Raid, Mobil, Mortein...Anyone know anything else I can use? Suggestions anyone?


Afrobabe said...

First first first...tot everyone was on holiday in nigeria!!!

Afrobabe said...

wow...12k for a bag of rice???

That's a lot oh...are farmers not growing rice anymore???

So how much is Iya Ruka selling a plate now???

Mosquitoes...Heard if u rub ur urine all over ur body......

Today's ranting said...

OK i'm second

Today's ranting said...

Bag of rice now 12k. Wetin poor man go dey chop now? Rice is now gold, this is so pathetic. So people will have to wait on sundays to eat rice or durring xmas time. Werin dey happen for our country?

Aijay said...

Food prices have increased everywhere, with climate change affecting harvest et al.
May God help us!

Sweetie, I wish I could help with the mosquito thing.
Lol @ Afrobabe's tip. Urine?? Men, thats something. lol.

Ladyguide said...

@afro- r u sure u aint talking frm xperience

bag of rice 12k, no mind these pple, God pass dem

Afrobabe said...

Hey, I cant help what I hear...try it first so we know if it works or not :)

You've been tagged!!!

fluffycutething said...

Eju babes- Have you tried mosquito coil??????????? LOL ;)