Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Can you wash your wife's undies?

This was the topic of the heated argument in my office recently.
The guys brought it up actually. [I'm not married so why should I bother about this kain talk now. Plus I enjoy washing em myself at the moment so...]

Anyway, all the guys save for one said no.

Their reasons:
-Why should I wash my wife's undies?
-Why should I wash my wife's undies?
-Why should I wash my wife's undies?

Then they added:
-Why should I wash my wife's undies?
-Why should I wash my wife's undies?
-If I'd even do it at all, then it has to be when she is really ill. And I'd get a
house help to do it for her sef.
-My uncle is my mentor and I've never seen him do it for his wife. The day he
does it, then I'd do it too.

From the looks on their faces, you'd think they were asked to kill their mothers or rape a mosquito or do something extremely outrageous!

So I said:
I don't think I'd like my husband to wash my undies and I'd never suggest it to him either but what if he does? [I mean what's the big deal?]

-That is a weak man!
-Not in this century! No man! Ish!
-Na juju!
-Naija man?!

What if he just wants to help me because he wants to? After all, I'd be washing his boxers for him too and he doesn't even have to ask me to do it. I'd pick them out of the dirty cloth basket and soak them in detergent all the while singing "The things I do for love"[And I know some men leave very disgusting things in their boxers these days]

-Well, it's your job to wash his boxers!
-You're a woman!

Me:Ouch!Actually, I consider myself to be of greater importance than that!

I don't consider myself a feminist [I still need men in my world even though it kinda belongs to them] but in the face of these arrogant over inflated "egorized" pigs, I find myself wanting to sign up for a women libbers club or something!

They start shouting, laughing, screaming, making a lot of noise, on and on but I finally manage to catch their attention.

So I say:
Guess what I'd do for a man who just ups and washes my undies for me not because I asked him to but because he loves me and seeks an unusual channel of expression for this love? [What's even so unusual about it?]

Them [With ugly smirks on their faces]:
-What? What?
-Nothing she fit do! Nothing she go do!

I'd have the bed sheet scented, run some warm water in the bath tub, soak him in it and scrub his back after getting into the tub with him; I'd towel him dry and give him a massage, rubbing oil gently over his skin, claiming every inch of his body with my lips... and make sure our third child is conceived that night!

It suddenly seems like they're salivating.
-*Cough* Whatever
-I'd still not wash my wife's undies. I'd do anything else but that.

Well, you ain't gonna get that kind of loving then and you'd never have your wildest fantasy fulfilled[Nothing too weird please]

What's the difference between helping your woman peel onions and washing her undies? Really? One seems too degrading for male egos or what?
It's all bull. [Jesus washed twelve men's badly calloused feet in water! Isn't that like a hint on what humility should be all about? But I guess this doesn't in anyway concern a husband after all the bible only advises him to "love his wife" and love could be anything from making love to your wife without giving her a sweet warm hug first [Love is made on the bed right?] to letting her sit in the kitchen all of Saturday while you catch up on your sports [After all you're always at home for her right? I mean you could be in a club with your peeps right now. What will she say then?]

I'd never ask my husband to wash my undies but if he surprises me with a gift like this, why not baby?

Truth is love begins in the kitchen and everywhere else but the bedroom!


Today's ranting said...
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Today's ranting said...

Hmmm serious issue raised. Some egoistic men think if they was their wife's undies they have been emasculated. Their wives would wash their own undies oo while they would feel that they are too big to do that.Hiss.

Free-flowing Florida said...


actually, this happened to me last weekend.

@ d early days of dating my man, i told him, in no uncertain words, 'i don't wash clothes' my rational, 'my father washes his own clothes, so why can't u. besides, it's hard work enough washing mine, why add urs 2 it'

so, last weekend, am washing a few things, my nightie & undies, & i saw 2 of his boxers lying on d floor. there were other clothes there, 2 shirts & a trousers. i put d shirts & trousers in d hamper of dirty clothes & wash d boxers. He comes home & sees d boxers washed & makes a joke of it, dat am forming a good wife.

funny enof, d next day, i'd missed a pantie & wen he was washing out his dirty clothes (including d ones i added 2 it) he sees dis pant & decides 2 wash it too. So, i come 2 pee & wot do i see, my washed pant hangign in d toilet. i ran 2 him & asked 'did u wash my pant?' he laughed. i was so embarrassed,i ran out of d bedroom. i refused 2 talk abt it anymore wit him. maybe it was guilty-conscious. herei was making rules & regulations, yet he was breaking d 'expected' norm.

really, am discovering dat in rship/marriage, everything done in love is acceptable. pple who refuse2 do certain things just 2 prove a point r thinking more abt themselves dan their partner

ejura said...

@ today's ranting: I like that hiss. Lemme drag it small sef: Hissssssss. Magana yakare.

@free-flowing florida:

"really, am discovering dat in rship/marriage, everything done in love is acceptable. pple who refuse2 do certain things just 2 prove a point r thinking more abt themselves dan their partner"

I couldn't put it any better than that. Yr man's sweet tho. The ones in my office would kill him if they found out. It's like violating their ego creed or mantra. Protect him from them oh! Lol!

Afrobabe said...

That cloth washing is one of my main dreads/fears in returning to naija oh..

Me, I cannot wash cloths oh...I still remember crying once at home while trying to wash my dad's towel...

My ex used to wash my pants anytime he saw I had flung it somewhere in the didnt make him less of a man...

But then it didnt stop him from beating shege out of my head....the mumu...

Ejura, now see what you have just made me remember the goat!

Simi Speaks said...

lmao @ afrobabe.. hehehe. i swear u are too much..

TinTin said...

very intresting questions!!
mehn thats deep!! if aguy washes my pata...mehn that another level of love..cos it takes real humility for him to do that!!i

Mojisola said...

Wonder what brought that up.

Am still trying to figure out how hubby washing undies shows love or makes him more or less of a man.

Whatever happened to him purchasing nice stuff that you suggest, or if he must do housework, him ironing all my clothes. Or just simply helping out regularly with the housework?

My hubby and I have never really talked about it, but he washes his undies and I was mine. Clothes, we share every now and then.

ejura said...

@ afrobabe:Ehn! So you don't want to come back to Naija bcos of laundry matter! I must meet una immigration people there. So wats up with the goat now? I'm lookn forward to ando afrobabe post oh!

@simispeaks: My sentiments about her too

@tintin: Plenty humility there. But really what's the big deal about washing her panties sef?

@mojisola: It's the guys that brought it up oh!We were sitting down jejeli before they brought the tori up. Wash her panties, Iron her clothes, buy her stuff...whatever, just do something abi?

princesa said...

Are those guys for real?!!

Whats the big deal in washing their wife's undies?? I mean it should feel like they are washing their own undies afterall marriage makes a couple one.

I used to have this B.f that washed my clothes and cooked meals for me. Despite his other shortcomings, till date he remains the BEST man i ever dated.

I think being able to d such seemimgly unmanly stuff is what makes a real Man.

Ahem(coughs), so what about that guy you found? I hope he isnt one of those ur colleagues wey no fit wash my undies o!

ladyguide said...

my sista, no mind our naija men o, them sabi pretend , or u don follow dem go house b4? some of dem dey cook,wash pant and even fetch water for their babes/wives, abegi no mind dem

classybabe said...

I think naija guys that would readily state that they wash their other halves' undies is rare,they wont want to be referred to as being "weak".
One of my coursemates said he cant even cook for his babe,so u can imagine what his reaction to washing undies will be.

Smaragd said...

the one who protested the loudest amongst those guys will prolly be the first to wash his girlfee's undies! shio!
yeye guys who want to perform cunnilingus,yet dont want to wash pants!(dont ask me where dat came from

on a serious note sha, i dont see why not.

ejura said...

@ princesa: 1 + 1= 1 when i suits em. 1 + 1= 2 when it doesn't suit them which could occur when diapers have to be changed, meals made, undies washed, dishes done,...
"I think being able to d such seemimgly unmanly stuff is what makes a real Man."

It would be good if they see it that way oh but oh no, they think it makes em weak and all.
My Ar? He was like he can only do it when I'm ill or something; which is fair since he has told me he doesn't expect me to wash his boxers. We'll see about that sha...

@ladyguide: Lol! I so agree with you. Na to the make mouth for public be their job!

@classybabe: He can't cook for his babe? But wait oh, what do they imagine would happen to them if they do these things now? Would their skin crawl off their skeletons or something?

@smaragd:Lol, my thoughts exactly! No mind them jare!How come no guy has left a comment sef?make they give us answers

Tininu said...

why does she want to wash my boxers or why should i wash her undies, don't we have a washing machine or washer man for all these things..i mean she can wash her underwear herself because i doubt she would want some random guy washing and then displaying her underwear in the open, but this is a funny issue because although i am trying to pass it off like it is nothing, i am actually fuming inside me and saying " why the hell would i wash her undies, when i am not mad"!

wellsbaba said...

lol....d whole argument jst cracks me up!well i think d problem is really not washing but washing PANTIES! im sure more guys do not mind washin their spouses tops n Ts but g-strings,bras e.t.c naw! thats really too personally,son of man might end up seein some really nasty

ejura said...

@tinunu: Hi, tanx for stopping by! Ehn! so u no fit wash yr wife's undies but u can buy her a car of say 3m. Which one cost pass? Na wah sha!At least, it's a guy's opinion abi?

@wellsbaba:Well, here's a man who can wash his wife's jeans and skirts but not her undies.At least you try sef!lol

30+ said...

Don't mind those guys, they will probably wash it and add fabric softener sef.

For where you think they will admit it outside, ego will not allow.

AlooFar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AlooFar said...

OMG! I can't believe I'm new here despite my endless blogxporations!

Hmmmm, I'm addicted to this blog at first read.

I'm lovin' you...r blog.


Aphrodite said...

You asked
"What's the difference between helping your woman peel onions and washing her undies?"

Girl do you know for some men, both are equally degrading!


Honeywell said...

"From the looks on their faces, you'd think they were asked to kill their mothers or rape a mosquito or do something extremely outrageous!"


rape a mosquito? goodness.... anyway, the response of the guys when they said a woman is supposed to wash a man's boxers made my blood boil... i personally don't like anyone, even my husband, touching my undies, so i guess this does not apply to me... futhermore, i would not touch my husband's boxers; thats gross. i don't know any woman in my family that does that. However, my ex did my entire laundry for me 3 times, so i don't see what the big deal is..

ejura said...

LOL! So funny. Fabric softner. Hehehe!

Tanx for stopping by and loving my blog. Went to see yours too and it was very interesting! I can see you have a thing for adverts and that spider man advert-the one with the insecticide-cracked me up!

@aphrodite: Men and their egos sef. Thank God they are some exceptions to the norm and I hope I get hooked to one of such. How's O doing?

Yes oh, rape mosquitos, lol!
Don't mind the guys in my office and everywhere else. I won't want my husband doing my undies either but for crying out loud, what's th big deal?!

Aijay said...

LOL!!! I was about to say the same thing as 30+
I don't think it should be a biggie, some men need to chill jare...

James Tubman said...

i wouldn't mind washing her draws

if she didn't have so many skid marks lol

Bunmmy said...

no mind them jo....some guys actually wash their wives panties, here in lagos and am not talking of riff raffs.a man that washes his wife's undies is no less a man, infact he's THE MAN!

fluffycutething said...

Don't mind those silly men, i'm sure well hidden by the privacy of their homes they would wash pant and even clean her buttocks after she shits....

loud hiss at all of them ;)

Come oh, i better test my man too to see if he would wash....;) LOL

Pink-satin said...

@ afrobabe u are razz jo-lol...crying beacuse you were washing towel........

emm!dont know any washing mr anybody's clothes o

Charizard said...

I would....

*braces for impact*

Atutupoyoyo said...

LOL. Una no get work o. Any vacancies at your workplace?

ladyguide said...

Babe, hope u r ok?
just checking to see if u ve updated

fantasy queen said...

lol'. why wouldnt he wash my undies if need be, he can stick his mouth in certain places but he wouldnt use his hand to wash a mere undie...

maybe in some years time, i'll experiment with the lucky man who'll be called my husband and blog about his reaction to 'honey, pleas i need my undies washed today, and dont use ariel, it makes me itch'

ejura said...

@ aijay: Aijay in the house! I no understand this your AWOL runs oh! I ran to your blog yesterday to see if u had updated but u haven't. How far?

@james tubman: I know you will wash it whether or not it is drowning in skid marks and all. No be you be love doctor? lol

@bunmmy: Thanks for stopping by! I totally agree. Men are just like pineapples. Pricky on the outside but soft and juicy sweet on the inside. They'd wash anything for love. *wink*

@fluffycutething: lol! Clean her buttocks ke? lol!I no follow you talk that one oh!You wan start fight? But don't mind them. They just like to feel like "I'm the man" outside!

@pink satin: Neither do i jare! Wat's up? Any 2nd season idol soon? Or is it the Apprentice this time?

@charizad: You would....???You would wash? There's a truck load on my street. Hurry on over! lol!

@atutu: I no blame you. Yes oh vacancies day: Panty washers! Send all applications to the!

@ladyguide: What's up gurl! I'm sure I'll do a post today. Been kinda busy that's why una never hear from me. I'd be @ yours in a minute.takia!

@FQ: Hi gurl! You dey find trouble ba? Na u talk am oh! lol!Looking forward to reading the post on the experiment when you test it out. It may just be the next scientific discovery we will need on panty ethics and the male hormone or whatever!lol!

Tininu said...

okay i am back here again and i want to clear some things will do laundry...i dont even mind doing my wife's laundry via the washing machine..i dont mind ironing everything, even gele and wrapper..i do my momsi's own all the time but the underwear it self is very personal...i can paint her nail and toes sef...

the way i look at this is, my wife would take out her used tampon and drop it my hand and say honey can u help me trhow this away, or a mooncup (i found out what that was and i threw up) and say can you help me wash it out, so why should i use my hands and wash them...i can put them in the washing machine at 30 degrees with febreeze fabric softner...

Anonymous said...

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