Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy birthday Mominto!

"Stop calling me mommy! Call me Mominto because I am the baby mommy!"

That's my mom's phrase. She says it all the time and I'm blogging about her now because it's her birthday! Yep, it's Mominto's birthday today. April 10th!

"Mommy, are you going to celebrate this year"s own?" I asked her before today.
"No way, not until I am 50!" She replied while she applied her make up.

"Why do you always have to do your eyebrows like that?" I asked again.
"Gerrout! What do you know? I am the fashionista!"

And she truly is. She loves fashion and makes it a point of duty to always be the belle of the ball. And though she’s my mom, we are so different in nature.

"Mommy, the pattern on your skirt is too much now! Haba, you want the whole world to notice you?"
"That's the whole point. I should be noticed!"

My mom is the funniest woman I know. Once, thieves came to our house and she heard them struggling with the gate. I'm not sure exactly what she was thinking when she took the stance of one holding an imaginary gun, went up to the window and screamed:"Advance to be recognized! If you move I shoot!"

Well, her bravado didn't stop them from getting into the house and she even ended up being the most cooperative of all.
Once I was at a supermarket with her and this man came to ask her out! She looked at him, looked at me and then laughed. She then pointed at me and told the man I was her daughter. He left us then but not without offering to pay for our purchases. My mom politely refused.

See, my mom is prettier than any of her children and doesn't even look her age. Most people think we are sisters and I find it annoying sometimes. I guess she enjoys it. She emphazises the point whenever she says "I am baby mommy!"

And she loves to fight with us girls! Play play fight of course! Every night just before they start her beloved Second Chance or the 9pm news we always fight for chair space. She loves it and I love it and it’s nice when we fight like that. She always wins the fight somehow.

While my mom is crazy about clean and beautiful environments, she hates going into the kitchen.
"My skin is too tender for the fire from the cooker. I can't go near it!"

I can count how many times she's been into the kitchen and when she does she comes out with some delicious food. She taught me once that if you have too many people come over to eat and very little food to go round, make sure to cook that food with lots of pepper. That way, they take two spoonfuls, drink a lot of water and are full very easily!

My mom would buy chocolates and hide in the bathroom to eat them. When you catch her in the act she'd say "Am I the only one who has kids?!!!!" Still, she is the most generous woman I have ever met.

She loves to pray though and makes sure the whole family is involved in her prayer. Once she rounded us up for morning devotion and she cleared her throat and started a worship song. This is the way it went:"Nobody wanna see us together but..." Akon's song had been played all week around her and it must have been burnt into her memory. We all burst into laughter and so did she.

She’s also very mischievous. I’d never forgot the day she mounted my cousin’s bike, started it and started screaming for help when the bike took off with her. I would never forget the panic in her face as she jumped off the motorcycle and landed in the grass! The bike went on into the fence. It was so funny I laughed for days on end.

Tell my mom you like a guy and the next thing she says when she meets this guy is:
“Oh, so it is you! My daughter likes you oh! Ignore her shakara jare!” The last time she did this to me, I wanted to so arghhh!

Sometimes, I feel I am the mother and she is the daughter but I love her the way she is and couldn't ask for another mom. She fills our house with laughter all the time just by being who she is. [Which is a handful].

So here’s wishing my very sanguine mother a great day today.
Happy birthday Mommy! Sorry, I mean Mominto!


Aijay said...

LMAO!! "Advance to be recognized! If you move I shoot!" lol..

Ejura, I LOVE ur mum. she's got to be the funniest woman on earth. When can I meet her?... I'm sure we'll get along well.

Wishing u long life & prosperity.

Aijay said...

Message for u on ur previous post. lol..

Aijay said...

Oh! It just clicked that I'm 1st and 2nd. Yay!!!!!!!!!!

ejura said...

Well done ehn aijay! Firsting and seconding about on my page. I hoep you've updated oh cos I'm headed your direction.

Thanks for wishing mominto happy birthday!


ablackjamesbond said...

i like Baby Mominto!

Today's ranting said...

You mama is one hella hilarious "girl". The part that cracked me up big time is the part that she was singing akon's song durring prayer session.

Afrobabe said...

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ur mum....

I get called my mum's sister as well...guess cos she had me really young...

I love her love her...when I return to naija she will be my new best friend...oh did I tell u I love her???

Tell her I love her...

ejura said...

As you're all loving my mom like this, whuz gonna love me? I DEMAND some love too. I want it!

Tanxs oh! I'd let her know. I hope you like me too sha or u want to start mother/daughter rivalry?

@ today's ranting:
She's a girl alright. She no wan gree say she don old!

Love me too!!!That's an order!!!!!

Smaragd said...

i love u Ejura *saying it under pressure*, as u demanded.
ur mominto is great! i'm guessing she probably wears same size as u abi?
thanx for stopping by mine.