Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm still around oh!!!!!!

So you punked me Andy! That was so unfair! There I was thinking Naeto C actually had a crush on me. Get ready Janet Jackson is about to call you!...

And no, I am not in training.

Truth is...ok, I got this job at an embassy, to be like the ambassador's P.A. The job requires a lot of French language since the country is a French speaking country. They speak German and Dutch too. Have you guessed the country yet?

Anyway, I resign from my marketing researcher job and now my boss wouldn't let me leave.

Then there's also the bank job I got.
I am in a job maze and looking for the right way out.
I need guidance and I have been asking God for it. The thing is I am sure I know what to do but the courage to make a decision and be ready to bear the consequences no matter how it turns out fails me.

Thankfully, my love life is good so in that I find some solace. I'd have crumbled like a cookie otherwise.
God is faithful.
Share your thoughts with me. Whatever it is. Cheer me up some.
Take care peeps.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Ah, nobody don arrest me oh! Wellsbaba take your time!

I've missed blogville especially your sense of humour-all of you.

No worry, I'd be back soon.

I'd gist you all that's been happening with me as soon as I get the chance to.

Much love amigos!