Monday, April 13, 2009

me back, kind of...

Hey folks!

I'm still around.

I've always been but just not on the scene.And no those spectacles aren't mine! I'm still modern and chic and sassy and ejuralized.

I've missed you all-reading all those funny articles, true life bits and rants...

But I've been having fun as many things have happened to me...e.g:

-I just discovered I have a half sister. She's three months younger than me and I think our hair textures are alike. She also has the gap teeth so I guess there is no need for DNA testing anymore.

-My relationship with AR will be a year old on the 18th of April.

-I cut my hair short again

-I lost weight and dropped to 55kg. I embarked on a crash add -weight -back-diet and now I am at 57kg! Pretty cool! It took me just four days to do this. [Easter break]

-I've been thinking more and more about getting married and having my own kids

-Thinking of having my gap closed

-Thinking of going for my masters (suggestions anyone? Good affordable schools in the UK? Me mah wan jand!)


How have you all been? LG? Princesa? Afro? Aloofar? Standtall? FQ?...So many names swimming in my mind...

Good night peeps!