Friday, May 2, 2008

tagged and some

I have a report to write with a two week deadline; I've spent one week already and I'm not close to finishing it. My eyes ache from sitting infront of a computer screen all day, my fingers and butt need a massage, my tummy's hungry and I just want to sleep...

And now I've been tagged. I'd better do it now sha because it's all serious business next week. Oh plus I have a bank interview tomorrow. I've never wanted to be a banker but I won't mind the career change. I hope I scale through cos all I know about banking right now is "Goodmorning, pls I'd like to check my balance...". That kind of thing sha.
It still baffles me that I passed the apt test whatwith all the amazing maths questions conceived by some deranged professor they were busy asking us that day! Even "tinini tanana biko biko" failed me in the exam hall. Anyway, wish me luck y'all!

Ok back to being tagged.

Here are the rules: the person who tagged you…
2. Mention the rules in your blog…
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours...
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them…
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged...

6 unspectacular quirks? Ok, here goes?

-I stand on one foot when doing the dishes and chew my lower lip and the inside of my cheek at the same time. It helps me finish the dishes in time.

-When I get a new outfit, I put it on like once every week and do a dance or a monologue infront of the mirror even before I finally wear it out. And it could take me a whole month to get to wear it anywhere.

-I've been collecting seeds recently. I take the pain to dry them up and then pour them into a bowl. I don't know why I do this but I do. Currently I have dried watermelon seeds, date seeds and agbalumo/udara [I don't know the English word for it] seeds. I'm looking for more. Could you get me some?

-I still doodle like a child. I can't help it. In my books, my bible, pieces of paper, table tops...I don't do walls however. Not yet.

-I can be very indecisive when it comes to crossing roads. I get halfway, see a vehicle seemingly charging toward me and I start wondering whether to complete my crossing, run back to where I am coming from or just stand where I am. Somehow I always make the right decision. Guess what it is?

-My eyes always tear up when I see adverts with children in them. It could be anything from
"Mommy, mommy, I learnt to tie my shoelaces" to "It's my brother's ball" to...[yawn. I'm hungry]

I'm lazy when it comes to linking blogs but make I sha try.

I tagg afrobabe-I feel she still has 6 more quirks to!
Then I tag princesa, andy, em today's ranting, aloofar, ladyguide and everybody else abeg.

Have a great weekend oh!

It's my buffday May 9th. I ain't celebrating the age. I no gree say i don old. No be just yesterday them born me? Which one come be 20 something?
Gifts are however welcome!


LG said...


LG said...

@ no.4- Agbaya, at ur age it shld be called graffiti
@ no.5- Thank God u dont stay in lagos, u for don hear am,lol
@no.6- eiya....ajebuta

LG said...

u sef tag me?
oya i don update, follow me

LG said...
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Andy said...

Meeen, I gat to call on the 9th then....where are we celebrating the big day?
Aaaaah, u don tag me ooh!

Aijay said...

Happy Birthday in advance!!! Where the parry @?? Pls send me a slice of cake... Now I'm craving cake all of a sudden.

I also chew the inside of my cheeks too... done that all my life... I hate it though... I need tips on how to stop.

Enjoy ur weekend luvie!

Afrobabe said...

lol...u are not serious, 6 more quirks...I am very normal oh...and u cant tag the person that tagged done...

happy birthday in advance jare...all the best at the interview, kick ass...

ibiluv said...

Agablumo is cherry in english.....stand on one foot to do dishes???i doodle too...awww...i guess u are hungering for a tot of ur own.....

Smaragd said...

@ ibiluv, i dont know what's wrong but i cant access ur blog o!i've tried and tried.

standing on one foot is so quirky!
seeds? lol and yea agbalumo's called cherry.

i doodle too, but mostly i draw! i draw in church, in meetings, at impt functions and esp when i'm bored. and i chew on my cheeks all the time!

u are taurus as well? yay!! happy buffday in advance dearie. wish u loads of fun.

Free-flowing Florida said...

u r real funny, dis chick. tearing up @ kids. Hmm, i go 'awwwwwwww' @ everything having 2 do with kids, except wen they r crying sha

how come am d only person who doesn't know how 2 link sites on my blog!!!!!! this is getting frustrating

Free-flowing Florida said...

& happy birthday in advance. u say u r not celebrating, in dat case no present 4 u. presents r 4 those who provide rice & stew very plenty

shalewa said...

indecisive when crossing the road?let me teach you.look 2 the left,then right,then left again and cross.LOL.nice post and happy birthday in advance.wishing u longer years full of God's blessing.

ejura said...

pt@ig: Yeah first! I hope I'd get to be first on yr page too. Ehn, so you the call me agbaya?! If I catch you ehn!lol!Yeah, I really thank God I don't stay in Lag cos I'm really not sure how I'd have coped.
So ajekpako no the cry for that kain no.6 scenario.
I'd be on yr page pretty soon. Heaven help you if I am not first!

@andy: Yeah, give me a call! It's May 9th and it's happening life in Abuja which is like 5 months away from Scotland if you do it on foot and with your 40 sumtin year old crush hanging unto yr foot, I'm not sure how you'd make it in! that yr story is one I would not forget in awhile. Takia!

@aijay: Thanks babes. I'm thinking of ordering one sinful chocolate cake oh. How do I mail you a slice?Lemme know when you come up with somtin.

As for the inside cheek chewy sometin, geskiya,I need tips myself before I leave one huge hole in my face!lol!

@afrobabe: Who said you have 6 more quirks? See how people can cause wahala oh! It's my alter ego that took possession of my right hand and typed that out oh!lol!

I'm yet to find out how the interview went but I'd let u guys know as soon as I know.

Thanks for the bufday wish!

@ibiluv: Ehn! So I have been chopping cherry without knowing since? Thanks for the info.So u doodle too. What tots are we seeking to express now?

@smaragd: Seems we have a lot in common oh. Maybe I can teach you how to stand on one leg too!I draw at meetings too, exams, boring places...sum people think I'm just showing off but they don't understand oh 4 d cheek chewing thing, I think you, Aijay and I have to come 2geda and do sumtin about it.Maybe dez some cheekbubblegum outa der for the likes of
When you buffday gurl?

@FFF: I dunno why my eyes do that oh. Maybe they ain't really tears but just a response to stimuli-like the way people laugh when ticked, that sort of thing.

I want bufday gift oh!I only talk say I am not celebrating the last digit of the age. I'm celebrating the day. Me I wan gift oh!

For the link thing, lets see.
-write out the name. eg "aijay" and select it.
-Go to the [wetin be the name sef?]is it tool bar now? You sha go there and you'd see dis em icon. Once your cursor is on it, it wud show "insert link".
-Click on this and a dialogue box will show.
-Now type in the person ad. Mine is ""
-And der you have yr link.

Hope I haven't confused u.

@shalewa: Yes, yes, I do all of that but I'm not sure the drivers of the cars see it that way. lol.Looks like this is your first time here. And first timers to my blog are always welcome. The choir would sing you a song and then you can wait after the service for a brief reception

AlooFar said...

Hbby P'day! Where is the party?

Very Funny Quirks... lol on the road crossing thing.

Ha! So I have been tagged. Ok.

anonymous gal said...

I stand on one foot when doing the dishes and chew my lower lip and the inside of my cheek at the same time. It helps me finish the dishes in time.