Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Scattered rants

-My Primary school class bully just discovered me on face book. Funny, I'm still kinda scared of him.

-Interviewed a guy who told me he studied "architeshture" from A.B.U Zaria. When I asked him what campus he was in, he said "Kai, it's just that I've been under the sun for so long I cannot remember"

-My sister's colleague got his wife a birthday cake but rather than cut the cake with her husband, she went all the way to my sister's boss, cut the cake with him, shared the first slice with him before coming back to her hubby.

-Gave someone a devotional today. It's my first step in evangelizing.I need the boldness. I just said "Have you seen this before?" and "You can have it". And he said "Thank you" and "have a great day".

-My friend's getting married but not to the man she dated for three years. How many women actually marry the men they love? Is your father your mom's true love? Is your mom your dad's true love? I don't wanna know.

-I'm temporarily broke

-I made some home made shawama and it did taste good; now I crave some not home made shawama.

-I'm tired of my clothes. I need new ones

-I need to learn that I do not have to buy everything I see

-I wanna pee but too lazy to visit the ladies

-Why do I get so hungry once I am determined to fast?

-What if today being Wednesday is actually a recycled Sunday of 800 BC?

-Where did yesterday go?

-I want to go to America too!

-It's almost 5pm. Thank God it's a public holiday tomorrow.

Happy Democracy day!

PS: Is democracy the best form of govt? Sometimes I wonder...


Eb the Celeb said...

Come on to america!

James Tubman said...

democracy is the best but the united states don't practice it lol


You are celebrating democracy day, ke? Come and celebrate
Nigerian Proclamation Day! Its a lot more fun.

Not sure what that is? Visit NIGERIAN CURIOSITY to find out.

webround said...

...Is democracy the best form of govt...

according to a newsreport, since the advent of democracy in Kuwait, the people have been the worse for it. some Russians also have the same argument for the old USSR...

so, some people will answer yes to your question, others will answer No

fluffycutething said...

So you too think in bits and pieces eh????

Aijay said...

Lol @ "My Primary school class bully just discovered me on face book. Funny, I'm still kinda scared of him."

U're scared, for real? Ejura no fear oh! lol.

ejura said...

@ eb the celeb:
Yeah I am on my way! Thanks for stopping by.

@james tubman: I'm not sure democracy's the best...whatever are you guys practising in the states?

@solomonsydelle: My first time of not abbreviating yr name! Nigerian proclamation day? What are we proclaiming? Will check out yr link

Hi. In my mind, you're like the phantom of blogville. Don't ask me why. It's just a mind thing.I really don't believe democracy is the best form of govt but the last time i tried arguing out my point, i sounded weird. I'd really love to know what you think tho.

@fluffycutething: I guess I do.Don't you? Your name makes me want a hug. You fluffy cute thing!

@aijay: No really. Immediately I read his message and remembered who exactly he was, i went like "Oh no!". I'm actually yet to send a reply. I'm thinking of ignoring him. That boy made me cry a river back then.

wellsbaba said...

Some random yarns....I'm like going via d same stuffs with u except the cake cuttin stuff but every other thin....we are kinda goin throu...I wanna b bolder in evangelism,I wanna go2canada,i want a NEW WARDROBE,God

musco said...

we all have times like this unless we don't want to admit it!

Standtall said...

How can u still be scared of a pry sch bully? Wake up Ejura.

And to the rest it's a strange world. I wonder why the lady has to cut the cake with her boss first, scared of him?

At times I get too lazy to leave my bed for the ladies too.

You r temporarily broke, well it's tempora no cause for alarm. When last did u visit my blog?

AlooFar said...

I'm short of words.

America. LMAO :)) ;))

zara said...

..cut her cake with her boss first?? if i was the husband.. i wud take my cake back! easy..
.. sometimes i wonder where yday went too!
.. dont we all wish we knew not to buy all we see?!**sigh**

no celebration for democracy day.. only apprehension as to what the future holds for us.. sometimes i prefer socialism.. only good thing about democracy is it lets everyone have an opportunity of gettin rich(capitalist theory)... ideally i mean..

ibiluv said...

this made me

NaijaBabe said...

looooooooollllllllllllllllll.....craving not home made shawarma

Smaragd said...

i'm 100% sure i left a comment here! or did i? *shales head in confusion*

Smaragd said...


Iwalewa McDaniels said...

...made me smile