Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Long post but na job interview oh!

I didn't intend to blog this week what with all the work on my plate but well, here I am and I am no blog addict!
Ok, so I mentioned this job interview I was called for in my previous post. Well, the d-day was Saturday and I did my best to look as fly as I could. When I saw the number of people there, I almost became a nervous wreck.

I gathered we were about 200 candidates there so I'm guessing they like picked everyone that wrote the aptitude test. I thought interviews were supposed to be for the lucky 35 that aced the test out of 3,000 that sat it. That kinda makes you feel really smart with yourself; but with 200 candidates [and 150 more to be interviewed on later dates], you have to fast and pray real hard.

And check out the ladies there-mini skirt wearing ones, yellow legs in sky scraper heels, outrageous hair-do spotting ones, those that know it all, those that didn't know anything, nervous wrecks that had to pee every minute, calm ones, those that complained about the long wait but didn't leave because truth is we all need the job, those that came to meet with friends...this applies to the guys too...now I'm wondering what group of people I fell in, hmmn, thought for later.

Anyway, I was there some minutes before 10:00am since the interview was meant to be for 10:00am on the dot. but guess what? I didn't get interviewed until 9:00pm, yep, 9:00pm. Why?

Here's the gist:
You get called in according to where you seat. The closer you are to the doors that hold the interviewing rooms, the more likely you are to be interviewed in time. No numbers, no nothing, no reward for punctuality. It was all about where you were lucky enough to sit.

See people struggling in spite of the fact that they had their suits and heels on. Not this babe sha-no struggling in my dept. What's yours will be yours 10:00am or 10:00pm. But men, it was a long wait. It was so long I'd have had enough time to conceive and deliver a set of twins and still have three more hours to heal properly before being interviewed.

Sha, sha, my turn came. My lipstick was all gone, my face was oily and my neatly packed hair had danced with some invisible wind so I was not exactly some spicy chick at the moment. Who cared? Plus all the ladies left to be interviewed looked like me. So no impressing the cool dudes anymore. Great.

I walked in when it was my turn and was immediately asked [it was a panel of three; 2 ladies and a guy]:

-Are you among the people that fought during the AP test?
[I am asked to take a seat and the question is repeated and I say-]

-No, I don't fight so I couldn't have been one of them.
[The question is repeated again and I go]

-I wasn't aware there was a fight that day. Was there one?
And they ask me to be honest and tell them if I've ever fought before; and I tell them I did fight in JSS 3 but go on to add that it wasn't exactly a fight but a beating. I beat the culprit with the help of my team. At this point they all burst into laughter.

-You mean with your size you can beat anybody?
[So I'm 56 kg and 5feet 6 tall but you should see me kick ass which of course is a lie. I don't even go near a fight. Instead I say-]

-I'm actually small but mighty.
[And they laugh some more]

Then they go into tell us about what you studied, what you can offer, what dept you'd like to be in...
And I tell them human resources.
And they ask me what human resources is all about.

[Thank God I just concluded a study on one of the banks in Naija and their staff told me alot about their HR dept. I just downloaded some of the info for them].

Then one of the ladies asks me about my gap and mentions that her son is also gap toothed. I don't like my gap and I usually don't like talking about it cos it makes me kinda self conscious and all but not this evening. I smile and we get talking about diastema. I ask her about her son and she's eager to talk about him.
The man amongst them tells me some naija men love gaps and asks me if I've come across such men and I tell him yes and he asks me why I still feel insecure about it and I think for a while and say:

-The thing is I don't believe those men.
There's another round of laughter and I'm wondering how I'm doing. It seems I am making them laugh a lot. Is that good or bad?

I feel I made a mistake though: They asked me what I'd have done differently if I was to be the organizer of the AP test and without acknowledging their efforts, I sort of rushed into telling them how I'd do this and that differently. I don't think that was particularly nice but they kept nodding their heads in agreement so I'm hoping they didn't catch my error. Please God.

Well, I get back to my current job and find I have a pay rise. Finally.
Now what to do?

The bank's pay will be higher and right now it's all about the money for me. Still I kinda love my present job...

Kai, choices...
Wetin una think?


wellsbaba said...

YES YES I'm first!!! lemme post b4 person first me

wellsbaba said...

now,dis is real longtin but its all bout d money honey

Today's ranting said...

Na wa ooo.What sorta interview be this one. Lol!

Afrobabe said...

Hmmm...be where you know you will be happy…happiness counts more..
I have a gap tooth too, big one..used to embarrass me silly when I was younger but I have learnt to work with it…lol..when I realized the men had a thing for it…

Jaycee said...

Interviewers are funny. What did the gap in ur teeth have to do with the job?

There are always difficult choices to make in life...but I pray God guides u to make the right choice.

LG said...

lol@...when I saw the number of people there,I almost became a nervous wreck.(so no b only me!hahaha)

....interview by 9pm ke - shio!

lol@..My lipstick was all gone, my face was oily and my neatly packed hair had danced with some invisible wind.....(chei!!!)

Dearie, go 4 a job that satisfies U, shikena!! oda things ll follow,
i tell u!

*u jst fashi me *frowns*

princesa said...

I enjoyed this post as usual.
Your job interview sounded really easy and nice. No threatening questions and i dont think you did badly at all. Your answers were witty!

As per the job choices, i'll say its not all about the money dearie, trust me.
I know a lot of friends in the banking sector who are desperate to leave. One even told me she wished she had my job even tho she earns like 5 times what i do.

But of cos the job whichever one has to pay ur bills.

Good luck with the interview. We dey wait to wash am o(the job when u get it).

princesa said...

Yea i know u tagged me. will get to it as soon as i find time.

webround said...

pray, which city did this interview take place? this is the first i'm hearing about interviewing people based on where they sat...

not to worry about the interviews. sometimes interviewers ask "seemingly random" questions all geared to see if you're confident, if you can make conversation..- the softer skills

30+ said...

Well what to do is wait for the bank to get back to you and take it from there...

Pray nevertheless

bumight said...

I think you did great! (from what u wrote of course), If you made them laugh, they are more likely to remember you, and it shows you have a lot of personality and are confident.

There was a time my dad was on a panel that interviewed candidates for one of the prestigious banks in naija, he used to come tell us about the candidates.
of course he told us about the ones that stood out for good and bad.

I hope you get the job, and when you do, send me my cut!

Happy Birthday tomorrow!

Mojisola said...

I'd love to tell you to stick with a job you like but, nope. At this stage, it really is about the money. From here on out, most employers will want to know what you made at your last job and from that, decide what they want to offer you.

So, my dear for your own good, try to keep growing in all aspects i.e. pay, experience, responsibilities, etc.

When the real money lands you can do what you love. For now, love what you do as long as you are doing nothing shameful.

ejura said...

@wellsbaba: Yeah, u're first! Congrats!It's about the money abi? I so totally agree rite now.

@today's ranting: Na so I see am oh!

@afro:I'm still trying to figure out where that happiness lies.So u gap toothed too? Way to go girl!

@jaycee: At least it was better than asking me if I had hair growing in my arm pits! Amen on the God's guidance part.

@Lg: It's too determine the job that will bring satisfaction now that is the problem. I no fashi u now sweetheart! How can I do that when you are just a click away?

@princesa: Thanx babes! I know it always aint about the money but I know it is sometimes also about the money.
We can wash my birthday today sha!

@webround: Went to yr page yesterday. It's different. I hope I'd make it to your web hall of fame and recognition someday. The interview took place in Abuja. Anyhow my fingers are crossed.Cross your toes to support me!

@30+: That is actually a good idea-no need going faster than my shadow abi? Let them call me first and if they don't, y'all would hear I blew up the bank.lol!

@bumight: I really hope so. Thanks! That was very encouraging!Yep, the birthday's today! Want some chocolate cake?

@mojisola: I like your advice. It kinda summarises how I feel rite now about the job thingy.

"For now, love what you do as long as you are doing nothing shameful".

That makes a lot of sense. I mean, I didn't want to serve in Sokoto but I did and I made the most of it and caught the fun of my life!

princesa said...

Ur birthday??
Why you no tell us na??
Anyway Happy birthday to u love.

LG said...

May ur dreams come to pass- AMEN
ehen, where our cake?

Afrobabe said...

Happy birthday sweetie...

Wishing you all the best and God's glory in your life..


Aijay said...

Happy Birthday Ejura!!!
I came here to parrie...no gbedu, no food, no cake, no drinks...wassup now??? lol
Hope u're having a good one love.

That was one helluva an interview... at 9pm??
I think u did well though. We'll keep praying with u. If God says yes, no one can say no.

So, how old are you now? You better answer. lol.

Smaragd said...

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you EJURA

happy birthday to you *sings with a very high nasal croaky pitch* lol

Taureans Rock menzzz!


may you get the job as a bday gift from God, if it's what u really want o. congrats in advance

fantasy queen said...

babes, going through an interview can be some serious shit...but it all gets better when they interviewers get relaxed and have a conversation instead.

hope you make the right choice though.

ibiluv said...

once went for a 1pm interview,didnt get to see oga till 9pm...yea i feel the oily face,hair fly outta place when u arent attended toon tyme but babe u for go spruce up yaself for toilet(u know-powder ur nose).just teasing....money's good but long run babe..which job will u enjoy????