Monday, February 18, 2008

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Yep, I am back and pretty much excited about having a blog again. I'm not sure I am as excited about the actual act of blogging though. I think I'm having writer's block and this block feels really huge.

I've been trying to write a book for a while now. Actually, I think I have been trying to do this for like three years now. But the problem is I can't get past the first three pages. Geskiya, I have tried but... And I so want to win the pink prize or even the purple since Chimamanda has already taken the orange one.

Work is kinda slow at the moment and I am bored. Boredom is a bad kingdom to be in. You either start thinking more or yawning more.
Recently, I've been thinking about dreams and reality. You know how it is when you have these amazing lofty dreams but reality seems to be sucking the living day lights out of them. The whole scenerio just drains your energy.
You want to be successful but the journey up that hill seems pretty slow and too tough. You do all you know to do but somehow it's like sipping from the ocean-you don't see any effect.

And when you've just about had it all, a friend calls and tells you she just landed this huge contract or bought another car or got this raise or got another cool job...
And you're screaming excitedly with her saying "Congrats! I am so happy for you!" when you're dying from envy inside-loving her and hating her at the same time.

*Sigh* Life is beautifully complicated. I really don't know how I'd manage without God.

Fast forward next five years and you're calling a friend bursting with excitement with news of your mega new job. She screams and celebrates with you all the while burning with envy. The cycle continues.

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princesa said...

I feel you on this one babes.
You cant help but feel that tiny pang of resentment when you see ur peers moving on ahead while its like you’re stuck in a rot.

However, keep the dream alive…one day it will be your reality.
Love ur profile pic. Lovely!