Wednesday, February 27, 2008


As a child, swinging was what I did for fun. I would place my little behind on the wooden seat and beg John, the gardener to push my swing just so I could gather enough momentum to see me through my air bound journey.

It was such a thrill to see myself go higher and higher with every swing while Mama Emma would stand by and sing:

"Lilo da dadi,
Lilo da dadi,
ka da yaro ya fado..."

Translated: "Swinging is sweet but let the child not fall..." [Pardon my Hausa].

I can't remember when last I swung [swinged? swang? oh whatever] though.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I found out about the swingers club.

A swinging club? Like exercise or something? Trust these whites to come up with different sports! That pleasurable activity that thrilled me so much as a child is now a sport! Fancy that!

Silly me! How was I to know that swinging would have any connection whatsoever with sex? I'm fast learning however that words do have more than one meaning these days. Eg. A milk shake is no longer just a drink...

So back to swinging other wise known as the lifestyle. Why in anyone's name would a married couple go to a club to have sex with another married couple? It beats me, seriously.

John and Mary need to spice up their sex
lives and the only way to do it is to go to a swingers club and have sex with
Shawn and Nancy? Or John would watch Mary have sex with Shawn in order to feel
some sexual excitement?

Couples sleep with other couples to have fun? My goodness! What have we become? It seems with every generation a new form of sexual depravity is created. Laboratories are constructed in eccentric minds and new formulas are is unleashed in the most sickening creative ways!

I wonder what the devil sees in sex that makes him want to destroy it so. Why is he so bent on distorting the original? And why do people just go with the flow? Why can't we stop and really see how none of it makes sense.

I remember when Limbo was on heat. She wasn't such a pretty bitch but then all the dogs in the neighbourhood went after her like she was the queen bee. I watched them gather around her and a brawl always ensued but the strongest or maybe the most determined always won. The others at least had the decency to leave. They didn't all stand around and engage in an orgy! No, they had the common sense to leave the bitch alone with the dog of her dreams! And I thought homosapiens were the higher species...

May the Lord help us with all the self control we need. May this generation seek the truth and may we find it!
I'm going swinging soon and when I say swinging, I mean sitting on that wooden chair and swaying back and forth till I am high up in the sky. My goodness, even this sentence seems ambigious! Lord help us!


Florida of Free Spirit said...

omg, i love swinging - d original meaning of it b4 d world went wacko. as 4 d editted version, what can i say. they say in sex, to stick to what does not offend ur partners sensitivity. am trying not to be preachy here & say all methods style fansier than d good ol' missionary style is d lie of the devil. God knows i like it varied & new, so who am i 2 judge those who r crazier dan me!!!!!

ejura said...

Hi Flo,
Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I guess it's each man to his food. Who's to judge? I confess i do sometimes.It beats me that a married man and his wife would go seek another couple and swing themselves out.That's just too much for me to swallow u know.New, missionary, crusader...whatever style...why not between a man and his wife?

princesa said...

This sex craze thats taking over the world... do we seperate 'normal' from 'weird' these days?

I loved to swing too.
Swing lo...

Afrobabe said...

lmao...I just started laughing when I saw the swingers club...I felt like yelling its got nothing to do with the swings u have in mind...

Uzezi said...

love swinging. the swinging with the original meaning though. All this new sex 'innovations' almost make it convincing that the world is coming to an end, and I don't want it to end yet! All this wackos should be STOPPED!

ejura said...

@ princesa-normal [one man one woman]wierd [one man, one woman, another woman,another man, one dog, one horse].lol

@ afrobabe-i had to read a magzine and watch oprah to understand what swinging in that way was all about. Thank God I know now because someone mite have probably invited me to one swingers club parry and I'd have gone hoping to swing my life out.

@ uzezi-LOL. me too I don't want it to end yet! how do we stop them now? any ideas?