Friday, February 22, 2008

Amour is French for love

Valentine's over but love is still in the air in Abuja. I am not talking about the valentines, chocolates and cards still on display in many shops around. No, I am talking about the real thing. It seems Cupid's been very busy shooting those arrows!
Otherwise how can you explain the fact that three of my very close friends have found love and are even altar bound anytime soon. You should see them tell their stories.Why, it's all they talk about these days and I am happily lovesick for them.

-Eyes huge and bright
-Glowing skin
-Enormous smiles

One even lost the weight she's been struggling to lose for a while now and they all look more beautiful and confident. When I ask them what they like about their guys, read what I get.

Friend 1:
He's so nice and I am so at peace in my heart. We share many interests and I can talk to him about anything and everything...He complements me. He makes me laugh. We talk for hours and we still have so much to talk about everytime we speak again...

Friend 2:
He's so nice and has a great sense of humour. I can talk to him about everything and he loves me so much. He's always bringing me gifts. Look at my phone, see all the texts he sends me...

Friend 3:
He's so nice and calm and he makes me feel so at peace. With him, I can talk about anything and everything. He doesn't have so much money but I love him and he's just who I need...

You should hear them speak, you'd think they are singing. And when they mention their guys' names, you'd swear their tongues were dipped in honey! Really. Sometimes I can even see- as in actually see -the glitter in their eyes! And their guys all share something in common-they are ready to talk with their women about everything and anything. Bros, that's really important to us oh!
Friends I wish you the best! You deserve great men and I hope you've truly found them now.

***Oh Cupid, shoot me soon, I beseech thee! And please use the right arrow this time. I wasn't at all pleased with the last one***
Have a great weekend!
Ps: I took the picture of the chickens. What do you guys think? Do you think I have what it takes to be a pro photographer someday?


Florida of Free Spirit said...

my dear o, i tot i'd seen it all dat bobos dem have to offer, until recently. i found myself falling 4 a man!!!! pls, love is good. no matter how many times i've been hurt, i still insist that love is good. may cupid shook u soon too, but pray mek him no give u overdose

princesa said...

Am happy for them.
Still waiting for cupid myself. If you see her just send her my way girl!

princesa said...

And the try,lol!

David said...

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