Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thou shall not wear men's clothing!

Ok, now I am beginning to think that sometimes we take things a little bit too far in the name of spirituality and religion.

Badagry experience:
I was in French school in Badagry and they had this "extra mile" fellowship that held after all our compulsory socio-educatif[ve] classes. Socio-educatif was a period were all the students gathered in the hall and watched movies, or debated or acted dramas etc. It was meant to be fun and so we were allowed to dress casual. Well, casual for me was my t-shirt and my shorts which were actually very decent since my shorts were knee length. Ok, so oneday I am invited for the extra mile and I go. There's another girl wearing t-shirts and shorts like I am and everyone seems ok with it when all of a sudden a girl goes into the spirit and starts shaking, jerking and prophesying. She said something about God being angry with those of us that had shorts on and how we were to desist from such behaviour blah blah blah.
My attendance at this meeting was limited after that.

Sokoto experience:
As a corp member in Sokoto there was this early morning prayer I used to attend in church. It entailed getting up as early as 5 am, going to church and praying for like an hour or so. I was glad to attend it because I needed that kind of fellowship at the time. It was the harmattan season and if you've ever lived in the north, you'll understand how extreme the weather can be when it is cold. So I'd put on my trousers, a large sweater, wrap my face up and together with my friends hit the road. Sokoto doesn't really have buses and taxis as means of public transportation. They have lots of bikes though and it is easier to climb those machines when you have trousers on.
Well, one morning the pastor gets on the pulpit and bans all ladies from putting on trousers! Can you imagine that! He didn't mind that it was cold or that the bikes weren't exactly skirt friendly, he just wanted us to stop putting on trousers. I tried to obey but it didn't work for me so I stopped going.

My little cousin:
This is the reason for this post. I went just last week to see my four year old cousin because it was her birthday and I was mighty glad to see her. I love this girl so much that sometimes I am tempted to steal her away from her mom and make her mine. Anyway her mom told me how her little princess was brought out infront of the entire sunday school class by the sunday school coordinator.
She said he asked the other children this question:
"Is this child a girl or a boy?"
The children responded "She's a boy!"[Obviously he had already taught them his version]
Then the coordinator said:
"Whoever her parents are should take note. Girls should not wear trousers to church. As from two years old girls should not be allowed to wear trousers to church!"
I was so angry when I heard this! So livid! I mean what does all that mean? Is a four year old seducing any man in her baggy jeans trousers? What exactly is the definition of men's clothing? Is it those funny looking skirts or whatever it is called that the Scots wear? Or is it the gowns that Moses and all are portrayed wearing in those bible movies? Please someone help me understand this...


fantasy queen said...

u've got to be in such a lil' cutie?
all those over zealous religious fanatics just kill my spirits, i mean when was it written never to wear trousers?
some skirts and dresses are like deadlier than trousers self.
its annoying, like they asked me to stop wearing my anklet...see me see trouble o, in esthers time wasnt she all done up in jewelry, i'm sure she wore a toe ring too.

princesa said...

This so did not happen babe!!!

What rubbish??
Who defined trousers as men clothing enh??
As africans we didnt even know what skirt, blouse and trousers were till the whiteman came. Now these oyibos have women/men trousers but trust us...trying to be white that the whiteman!

let that man come wear my hipsters to church or work and from that day, i'll stop!

Crazy annoying ignoramuses!