Friday, February 15, 2008

Unveiling the ejura continues-2008 model!

Ok, I got myself a new home. Thanks to extreme makeover-blog edition!
No more "phantoming" about like
Fantasy Queen put it. So this is the beginning of the ejura continues-2008 model. It's basically going to be the same thing as ejura; it's only slighty modified.
I'll blog when I have the zeal to and chill when I don't and in between, I'll live life as best as I can.
Y'all are invited to a house warming party. I'd supply the glasses, you bring the wine.

There's going to be an after party here and here too. cyber your way there!!! Ciao


fantasy queen said...

i'm i really first? gosh, now i'll be known as the girl who arrives first at parties...but then i'm humbled.

how come u moved house? glad to have u back dear.
lots of love...

Afrobabe said...

lol @ FQ....

Girl who arrives first? at least u get to choose a guy first...wink

princesa said...

So the after parrie is at mine enh?
Okay we'll have that bash dear.
Let me rush off to shop!

LOl@ us supplyiing the wine and you the glasses.

Nice to have you back liking this 2008 model ejura,lol!