Thursday, July 3, 2008

No more holes in my pocket

I've never really been so knowledgeable about financial investments and stuff.
The average Nigerian is as ignorant as I am too. Those who know anything at all are only too proud to show you shares certificates. After that, there's a brain drain.

I'm even more ignorant than they are.

Is buying shares the only financial investments there is? Are there other investment options?
I know of bonds, Forex, er...that's it.

But is that all?
Guys, you guys are always into one runs or the other. Fill me in. I want to make the dough too. I'm mending the holes in my pocket.

I'm tired of a salary, savings in the bank and "my uncle is governor of...". I wanna play dice too.

Any blog Warren Buffet around?
Leave advice.


AlooFar said...

You're not alone.

In my own case, I have a natural aversion for anything that relates to financial calculations All I want is the money. I can't be bothered with how it comes.

But I'll be stalking here. Someone might offer a solution.

On Warren Buffet blog... LMAO!

ejura said...

Hi aloofar!

I was actually going to ask you for tips and advice on financial investments and here you are telling me you have an aversion?
I hope someone helps us out soon. I've been kinda doing some research on it though. Gaining ground a little too.

So what's up with aloofar?...

Fill me in.

LG said...

but na true u talk o, my bank neva c my face in a long......time, lolllll

ejubaby, i ll need dos tips too,lolll
BTW hope u neva 4get d tag o.

njoy ur w'end.

Natasha said...

Hey read any book from Suze Orman or Jean Chatzky, they are really great and since they are women I love them. You can buy stocks, Bonds, or mutual funds, put your money in something safer like a "money on call " a house or land, rent a room, start a business in something you really many options! I will be in Abuja next week so if you have any questions hit me up on the blog

ejura said...

@ lg: I can see we're all in search of answers abi. Read your tag post. Laughed like crazy. Una no go kill me.

@natasha: Seems you're the only "Warrena Bufetta" on blog ville. Thanks I'd keep those authors in mind next time I go to a bookshop.
So you'd be in Abuja soon. When were you last here? If it's been a while, then you'd be impressed with what you'd see.Would be at your blog after this...

Afrobabe said...

I swear, other than shares and fixed deposit I know nothing...tried my hand at forex and lost everything, moved on to them high risk things..treasure line..lost I keep it in the bank and spend jejely!!!

AlooFar said...

Ejura, I'll be waiting for the photocopy of Natasha's lecture.

ejura said...

@ afrobabe:Aya fa. You lost all the dough? I know about shares and fixed deps too. Just looking for more options. Forex seems to be the craze in Naija at the moment but i don't know...How body?

@aloofar: You're waiting for which lecture? No problem sha, shebi you go drop pepper for hand out?

bumight said...

my cousin is one:

Afrobabe said...

so no solution here huh...actually came looking for

zara (my alter ego) said...

there are lots of things you cud dip ur hands into called derivatives, but i dont think the nigerian stock exchange offerred them and even if they did, they would be too risky. you cud try ur luck in the forex market, options market, futures market(dont know if they are functional in nigeria though),certificates of deost(u need a huge amount of money), treasury bills etc etc. we are restricted by our financial system, its not well integrated with the rest of the world, but we shall get there, meanwhile, u can always put some money in fixed deposit!lol