Monday, July 21, 2008

Check this out!

Ø The chief engineer of the British post office said in 1876: “We don’t need a telephone, we
have plenty messenger boys.”

Ø In 1943, the chairman of IBM, Thomas Watson, predicted a world market for just five

Ø The chief engineer of IBM in 1968 commented about a microchip: “But what good is it for?”

Ø Gordon Moore, co founder of Intel said in 1970 that home computers would be a waste of

Ø Both Atari and Hewlett-Packard turned down the idea of a personal computer presented
by the developers of Apple and told them to go back to college.

Ø The great Bill Gates forecast in 1981 that personal computer memory of 640k should be
enough for anybody.
Culled from "How to make money out of thin air" by Brian Sher

Added by me:
The first woman Jim Ovia asked out chased him away with a pestle saying he didn't have a bank account. Lol!


AlooFar said...

"Impossible is nothing"

Is the Jim Ovia gist true or you made it up? It's funny ;)

ejura said...

No it's not true oh! Just made it up but ain't it likely? Has Obama finally finished reading his speech?

LG said...

hahahahaha dis gal, make jim ovia catch u, lollllll
bawo ise'??

yesso impossible is nothing

princesa said...

Loved ur own side of the gist. poor Jim Ovia, lol! If only that girl knew...

archiwiz said...

Ahh, and what have we today...Everything that they said was impossible and much more...

Afrobabe said...

Yes oh...hopefully we will have a testimony too...

like the man we married will possibly be the next wonder of the

ok, no, we will be the next wonder...

ejura said...

@ lg: I won't tell him now. Pls don't either!

@princesa: Babes, wassup? No mind me oh, I just the look for Jim Ovia trouble.

@archiwiz: You don talk am finish! I like your blog. Just visited it.

@ afrobabe: Amen oh! What did you do to that banana? Don't u want me to eat bananas anymore ehn?

Free-flowing Florida said...

lol @ afrobabe. abi o. who no like better thing!

QMoney said...

hint ,hint ,was ur interview at zenith?hehehehehe
how now?

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Afrobabe said...


kay-shawn said...

How about this, 'the creators of 'Adidas' and 'Puma' sports wears were brothers, the Dassler brothers from Germany.

Well, I'm sure you already know that. You look very beautiful in your new picture.

Anyway, I came to say that you have been tagged.

Please check my blog for details.

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