Thursday, July 10, 2008

I guess I'm just slow...

So I have always been the last one to learn the slang. I started using "fashi" when it was way out the door. I didn't understand what my sister meant when she talked about "pepper" and even "the koko" kinda took me unawares.
Code conversations with me and you've lost me. I can't even speak pidgin without people bursting into laughter.
"Ejura e no fit you oh!"
[I haven't given up on that language though.I love the way it sounds on people who have a flair for it].

Yesterday, I was watching Sound City's Naeto-C's [sp?] album launch and I wondered why they were speaking the way they did.
"Yeah, men, we put the W in effect, you know what I mean, we in the house, ladies in the house, we bringing it down to the P. You know, it's Naeto-C and we hot like fire, we bringing on the shine, we bring sexy back..."

Probably showbiz lingo and I catch the drift but at the same time I don't. What's a W? What's the P? Plus it was my first time ever of hearing about Naeto-C. Ordinarily, I would have thought it was another brand of the Nutri-C drink. I am that clueless, really.

Check me out with music. I really suck at it. When everyone was screaming "No air", I was wondering where the air went. When I got to hear the song, I wasn't still sure what people were raving about until recently when I started to feel it. Same with "Irresistable" and "Bleeding heart or is it love-the one with the Lewis girl." When Nice came up with is it "Kongwaso" [forgive my spelling], what I was hearing was "Conductor" and I couldn't understand why people were so excited about it. I still don't know what it is but I guess it's got to be something for him to have been invited for Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday concert.

Over to blogville or the chatroom where I see things like ROFLMAO [roll of from laughing my ass off?] or is it LMAOMB [Laugh my ass off my body?]... I know I've got them all mixed up but that's because I don't really know what they mean. It beats me how people conceive these ideas. Really.

Recently I shouted out to a friend as her car pulled off "Don't do what I wouldn't do gurl!" and she pokes her head out the window, shakes her head and says "That's like doing nothing ever! I won't survive it!" and I head back to my office laughing.

But it got me thinking later. Is my life so boring? Or do they perceive me boring from the stand point of what they imagine fun to be?
I guess I am slow, socially slow maybe but I'm not sure I care...and if I do, maybe just a little...but at least I take consolation in the fact that my "exciting fun filled" friends still love hanging out with boring me.

So I guess I am not that bad afterall. Right?


Jarrai said...

I am furst again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jarrai said...


i am laughing @ "Yeah, men, we put the W in effect, you know what I mean, we in the house, ladies in the house, we bringing it down to the P"

LOL...My dear you're not alone on this one and you're def not boring. Sometimes people would have conversation and finish in front of me and i'll be wondering if they were speaking the same english that we all know.

Think of it like this, your more eloquent....classy babe :)

LG said...

jarrai take time o *hiss*

sweerry u sabi rhymes o, Naeto C / Nutric C. make storm records catch u.lolllllll

but u so hit d nail on d head, at times i also get confused wit d 'P' sef, *wide grin*
newayz, come for free pidgin english lessons (n u dont need to register) lollll

Jarrai said...

lol@lg...i beat you fair and square!!

bumight said...

how could you Not have heard of Naeto C? oya head to my blog immediately!

we need to get u on the P!

30+ said...

Thank God for Blogville

I will declare to you right now that Blogville have brouhght me up to C with much of what is happening in the world, like the gongo aso song heard it on Nyem's blog, Asa - well every other blog

I thought LMAO was laughing my head of?!

Go figures

Meanwhile why you no visit Bogville Idol page abi e nefa reach your end.

princesa said...

Its ROTFLMAO-Rolling on the floor laughing my ass out...

It took me quite a while to figure that out too and now, i use it like crazy,lol!

Mi dear, no be only u dey slow o...i just feel, if it doesnt put money in my pocket, i dont wanna know about it,lol!

happy weekend girl!

AlooFar said...

@ Bumight: You want to put her on the P... like she is complaining ;)

Ejura... if u must be 21 century compliant, you need to learn those lingos. How u dey?

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Babes I recommend that you enroll in the following courses in the University of Razz:
1. Current Nigerian Music 101
2. Razz slangs and Phonetics 101
3. IM Speak and Text abbreviations for beginners

ROTFLMAO Babes (Rolling on the floor laughing my ass of babes) lol!!
T'es tres drole!!! J'aime ton blog!

Andy said...

Ejura, the world has become very lingo-conscious, I think.
But it makes things more interesting and it happens everywhere too.
We would start you on a course...a new word every day.

ejura said...

@jarrai: Yep, you furst again but watch out! You have a lot of competition out there this week. So u have problem understanding lingo filled conversations too!Finally, I know i am not alone on this one.

@lg: So when do we start this classes now? I'm waiting. Maybe I should get myself a slang tank where you guys can drop slangs and their meanings.

@LG and Jarrai: When did my blog become a race track? Oya make una the go Beijing!

@bumight: What's the P? I'd like to get on it if I know exactly what it means.

@30+: Yeah, blogville has been amazing with information like this and then some. I keep trying to open that play list on the idol page but I haven't been successful and I'm clueless as to what the problem might be.

@princesa: rotflmao! Now I know what it means. I guess I'd just create a few of my own too and see if I can be a trend setter. HFTRLMTO: Hanging from the roof laffing my throat out!
Is it me or does that sound slightly wierd?

@aloofar: Ok, now can you be kind enuf to assist in making me 21 century compliant? I'm waiting monsieur.

@NDQ: The french lady in the house. Ok, I'd enrol as soon as I know tuition fees and what school.TFSB! Guess what dat is?

@andy: Hey Doc! A new word a day and you left without dropping any! Or do I have to register and pay too. What happened to free demos? GMTLN! Guess what that means!

Afrobabe said...

ok, lemme add an alphabet in there for u...ROFLMFAO...rolling on the floor laughing my fat ass off...

Buttercup said...

im just hearin 'W' for the 1st time now! LOL @ u thinkin naeto c was another brand of nutri-c! hahaha!

but yea, i feel u, it gets hard to follow at some point..dont think lil of urself, errone is different, if we were all the same, the world wud be one huge borin.....thing!

oh n yea, its 'bleeding love' by leona