Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm not sure what title

Ok, connections between eggs and men?

-They all start their lives as eggs [So do women but that's not the point here].
-They get spiced up as they grow through life experiences[Pepper, Curry, thyme, Vinegar, Nutmeg]
-Scrambled, Omelette, Hard boiled, Soft boiled, Sunny side up, Moon side down...depending on which one you have a taste for, they are all good.

So @ today's ranting: Fried eggs for me are not...oh shoot! It just felt good to put up that post girl. Plus Julia Roberts didn't help matters in Run Away Bride when she couldn't tell what kind of egg she liked the most.

Bottom line: Just like no egg type is bad, so no man's bad, well almost no man's bad...

God loves us all. Grin. And he made the eggs and gave woman the wisdom to either fry em, boil em, scramble em...ok now, I am ranting...Forgive me if it looks like i ain't making sense.

You guys, I think I got that job oh! I've been called for the final stage. I think it is an interview with the MD himself. But problem is, now I feel bad about leaving my office. They're a real pain most times but I must confess I've grown to love em...Anyway, I guess when I leave, they'd always find somebody to replace me; so there's no need feeling all puffed up thinking I am irreplaceable or something because the world always moves on.

What's this i hear about code of conduct in Lagos?

-If you beg for alms on the streets you're thrown into prison for a month
-If you encourage begging for alms you're locked up for a month
-If you expose any would or disformity for alms sake you're in jail for 3 months
-If you throw dirt on the street you're fined a 1000 naira
-If you don't have a dustbin in your car you're fined a 1000 naira

They forgot to add
"If you urinate here you're fined..."

Do you guys think it would work?
I'd be over at your blogs before you can say today's ranting...

I thought Yaradua was set to declare a state of emergency on our energy sector! How long does he need to set. PHCN is driving us all nuts.
Takia folks!!!!


30+ said...

Congrats on the potential job offer. As for that Lagos Conduct - Time will tell,though it sounds just like another of their endless initiative.

musco said...

wot's up u & this ur eggs stuff?

congrats & wishing u all d best at d final interview.

bn wondering if d code of conduct thing will work in may work if the state govt.can reduce the population in lagos.wot do u think?

LG said...

o bebe, how body???
i actually tot u ve resumed wrk sef.
anyhoos Congrats!!!!

*ehen, code of conduct for which lagos???? if na d lagos wey i sabi, we r yet to see any changes o, we stil dey wait sha!

naijalines said...

I hope you get the job, sista.

I think this Lagos clean up is a very good idea and I hope it works for everyone's sake.

Standtall said...

Mi-love, PHCN is not only driving me crazy, it has changed my theory about living and dying in Naija

What is with you with this “egg theory”? (lol)

Congrats on your new job. I believe you have got it.

This Lagos conduct is too much wahala, it’s not realistic even though I am in support of drastic measures. But this one, is too baaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddd

BlogVille Idol said...

hallo ejura blogville idol 08 is back!check our blog for more details!tanx

ejura said...

@ 30+: Thanx! I hope this initiative would work. I really do. They could also bring it up north too what with the almajeris we have here.

@ musco: Don't mind me and the eggs. Was in an egg mood the day i posted it.
The final interview wasn't particularly fun but I hope i clinch the job. Reduce the population in Lagos? How do you reckon they go about that? Send some people back home, place immigration rules or send a hurricane or what? I have no idea.

@lg: I never resume work oh but i hope i do soon.I really pray.
As for Lag, na to wait see oh!

@naijalines:Yeah, I hope I get the job too. The Lag thing is a wonderful idea but I'm also thinking that it isn't just about creating codes but by changing people's mindset. I wonder how they can go about that...

@standtall: "it has changed my theory about living and dying in Naija"
LOL! I so agree with you on this. I totally agree.
Thanks about the new job but my fingas are still crossed.You're also sceptical about the Lag thing abi? Well, so am i but let's hope for the best.

@blogville idol: Pinkpeke productions at it again. Yummy.I look forward to it. Well done!

Standtall said...

Abi o.
hoping for the best

Afrobabe said... the code of how do they want beggers to survive or is there a rehabilitation plan??

Babe, you have abandoned me...and here I was thinking you would be my very own best friend in lag.....sobbing uncontrolably...

wellsbaba said...

ow did u com bout d relationshpi btw eggs n men? crazy but true 2! happy ur steppin up with dat interview but its only natural u feel bad leavin them anywais...d new rules in lagos can never work lai lai God4bid...dem won kill us...if u are caught takin a one road ur fined 250,000

Aijay said...

Congrats babes, all the best at the interview. I'm sure u'll be fine!

Lol @ getting a fine for not having a dustbin in ur car.
The code of conduct thing doesn't sound very practical to me.
Oh well, too early in the day to judge.

AlooFar said...

All the best with the new job.

I'm sure we'll soon have a blogoparty in honour of the new job. Something tells me the Moolah is 3times better than your former job ;)

ejura said...

I've been trying to reply this comments for decades now. The server is xtrimly slow today.

@ standtall: Yep, we can only hope for the best cos Lag needs it badly.

@ afrobabe: Afro, you in Lag? Why didn't you say something? I'd be on the next flight to be with you before you can spell my first name! How can I ever think of abandoning you? How? Why? No vex ehn, biko...

@ wellsbaba: Thanx oh! The interview turned out wan kain sha. That Lag thing must work oh! Wetin you mean ehn? you want to be taking one way? 250,000 na small tin now especially for someone like you. Check out yr name now:
wells- when something is well; a well full of gold
Baba: The chief himself. Oga of wellness!

@ aijay: Yeah! Aijay is back! This your disappearing stunts ehn. We'll be at your blog as soon as the server lets me get past this page.

@ aloofar: Thanks oh! A blogoparry would be fun. I just love it when friends like you want to surprise me with a parry. You're way to kind. I'd tell you the date and just show up at your page. Shebi it would be at your page? Put some good ad pics up that day for me oh!

You guys I am itching to visit your pages but this server don vex. I'd keep trying sha...

Afrobabe said...

Not in planning to come but that has been shelved for now have u been?

naijaleta said...

Congrats on your job offer. If you get the job can we trust you to always update us at blogville with authentic Lagos gist?

Smaragd said...

how about if u are caught driving in the wrong direction on a "one-way" lane, u'll pay 250,000!

for bus drivers, all the passengers will pay 50k each and the driver 250k!

congrats on the new job, after that hilarious interview u had, i'm sure they just cldnt resist u!

ur old office will move on jo. but i have thesame qualms here too sha, the peeps have grown on me.

Olamild said...

yeye people
which kain yeye law be that one now?

Today's ranting said...

Congrats on ur potential job ooo. Na wa for this sorta job wey una dey under go many interviews.Lol @ the code of conduct.

princesa said...

Good luck with the last ineterview girl!
Code of conduct?? I live in lag but i havnt heard antyhing of the sort. Am i out of touch?

Funms said...

congrats, im sure ur getting the job........ dustbin in a car?????? so r they finding jobs for the beggars or will they turn into armed robers?

Free-flowing Florida said...

congrats on d job n advance. u've got it n Jesus name! Amee o, amee o, amee o! it's well babe.

dat code of conduct doesn't seem pretty workable 2 me o. i mean, lagos is like d head-quarters of beggers. no cell na contain dem all.

as 4 moi, i hardly give 2 beggers. 4 most of dem, i just don't understand y they'd rather beg dan find some kind of trade or skill. but plenty pple i know give alms. they say they get blessings 4rm doing so. jolly 2 dem.

LG said...

OYA COME........

Aijay said...

update!! lol

Andy said...

Heeeeey, Good stuff! Some more money is coming Ejura's way. So what do you do to ur egg? Do you boil, fry or swallow it raw?

naijaleta said...

Yay! At last, you put a comment on my blog! I was hoping you'd stop by one of these days. I love your analogies. By the way, let me know what picture of me you have in your head. I hope I'm as good looking in your head as you are in that picture of you on your blog.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ejura said...

@naijaleta: Thanks for the compliment. Back to you, what you look like.
Hmmm, let's see: You have the height of a fulani man, slim too. Your skin is as light as that of an igbo man-well toned. You have a lovely pointed nose and hair very curly. On your cheeks are the marks of an ijebu man-still they add to your Nigerian beauty creating curiosity in anyone who sees you...

So did i come close?lol!