Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How do you like your eggs?

Scrambled? Omelette? Sunny side up?

Let's see:

Guy 1
Description: Tall, dark, handsome and bespectacled
1st meeting: School
Attraction: Smooth talker
Love or not: Curiosity
Memorable moments: None, really, none
Date duration: Um, half a semester
Break- up type: Drift apart
Egg type: Definitely scrambled


Guy 2
Description: Tall, really tall, dark and handsome
1st meeting: Through a friend
Attraction: Whacked sense of humour, spontaneity, fun loving
Love or not: Serious Infatuation
Memorable moments: The day he gave me a shoulder ride at the park
Date duration: Hard to tell, let's see, maybe 3 months? 6 months? Too many appearances and disappearances. 9 months? Not sure
Break-up type: Ghost like-Appear & disappear
Egg type: Half way sunny side up-maybe eclipse egg


Guy 3
Description: Tall, dark, handsome, lovely scar face
1st meeting: At tombola
Attraction: Fine fine man
Love or not: Bored and everyone else had a boyfriend
Memorable moments: The day he kidnapped me.
Date duration: Um, let's see, i think 3 months...
Break-up type: Drift apart, less phone calls...until the tap dried up
Egg type: Omelette? I don't know

Guy 4
Description: Tall, dark, kinda good looking and rough
1st meeting: Over the phone
Attraction: I thought he was Guy 2 come back to me, kinda complicated
Love or not: To prove to people I could date longer than 3 months
Memorable moments: Um, hide and seek games
Date duration: 7 months
Break-up type: "I don't think this is working..."
Egg type: Scrambled with tomatoes and onions

I like my eggs boiled. Yes, I like boiled eggs-that way I can throw out the yoke [I hate egg yoke] and feed on the white.

So how do you like your eggs?
PS: It's YOLK and not YOKE. Thanks to Naijalines! Though like aphrodite nicely put it, when it comes to eggs and relationships, it's probably YOKE. The good kind of yoke of course...


AlooFar said...

Who should answer the question? Babes or Dudes?


ejura said...

both of una!
Aloofar how do you like your eggs or lemonade or pizza or...

Standtall said...

OMG, you are toooooooooo funny. I like my egg fried and boiled with nothing thrown out of t (lol)

Aphrodite said...

You hate egg yoke?
I love it more than the white sef.

But you know how yoke stands for burden, i'll rather not have a relationship with 'yoke',lol!

Aphrodite said...

I updated.

Smaragd said...

now i remember why i've missed ur blog!

hmmm, i actually like my egg in different ways (fried,boiled,scrambled,yokes et al) cuz i get easily tired of each type when i eat it consistently.

ur history with guys ehn this girl! this one u currently have (u did a post on him once) must last longer o...

naijalines said...

don't like scrambled. I love fried well done and I've always got to have the yolk. That's where the flavour is. I think it's yolk not yoke (Could be wrong, will check it up just to be sure).

ejura said...

@standtall: Lol! I guess you like it all. Good for you!

@aphrodite:Yeah, yoke stands for burden. But naijalines just drew my attention to the spelling. It's actually yolk and not yoke. U've updated? I'm breezing your page soon!

@smaragd: Lol! I see you like em all but get tired of eating just one type. My dear, my r/ship history tire even me oh! Not to worry, Ar is the guy. I'm 99.8% sure. Please God let nothing go wrong!

@naijalines: Thanks for the speling check!It's really yolk not yoke. But na the same thing sha.The flavour's in the yolk? You should check out the white. It has this awesome unbelievable taste!Thanks for stopping by!

Free-flowing Florida said...

u worse pass me o. 3 months! den only one 7 months (who by d way sounded pretty interesting)! me, i've had a 2 weeks! lol. it's well. & it's YOKE o, no doubt. & some of those yokes r totally unpleasant. come, y i nefa see u 4 my blog since since. come now, make i see ur pretty fine face

Free-flowing Florida said...

i like my egg soft-boiled. i used 2 think i like it scrambled, with lots of pepper. but, i just realised dat it's miseducation wey dey worry me all those times. abeg, life was not made 2 b so hard joo

LG said...

hehehehehe abaya, so u dey do shoulder ride,

neways, i luv my egg fried with any mende-mende as far say e shhweet for my mouth,no wahala! as 4 boiled, anyhow, lol!!

how wrk?

ibiluv said...

apparently u recently saw the runaway bride.........lol.......

ejura said...

@free flowing Florida: I'm on my way to yr page after this. How can I not visit yr blog now ehn? So u like yr eggs soft boiled? Tasty yes?
lol @ 2 weeks. I've heard of pple who've gone on for less than week!

@ LG: Yes oh! I love my shoulder rides. It's particularly sweet when you spin me around. lol!You loved fried egg? What's a fried egg man like? Work is writing a report and I am not sure how to start!

@ibuluv:Not recently oh but It's one of my fav chic flics. Thank God my own no reach wedding level oh! It would have been sumtin else abi?

azuka said...

Hmm. None...

bumight said...

hard boiled.

QMoney said...

erm,erm,erm,please dont call me slow but i dint really understand the eggs post,loved all the other though!!lol
wat if i like him light complexioned and short???LOL
JUS KIDDIN.but wat if its light complexioned and tall??and i love scrambled??

princesa said...

One thing is certain, you like them Tall, dark and handsome!

So nothing for the short, fair and okay looking guy??

I love my eggs, anyhow. It just has to be delicious!

Allied said...

Are we talking about eggs or men?

eggs for me has to be scrambled with onions, tomatoes, a little maggi and dried red pepper- the best part. I have to make it myself.

naijaleta said...

I like your blog, especially your picture.

James Tubman said...

havent seen this analogy used for men before

i might not know a lot but i know one thing

i would definately be scrambled lol

Afrobabe said...

I like boiled eggs with the white thrown out...love boiled yoke....

Tombola...lol...reminds me of school...

musco said...

how do i like my eggs?

i like my egg fried & served hot!

Today's ranting said...

Lmao babes.Na wa for this your analogy sef, EGGS ke? Whats the relationship between eggs and dudes? I like them tall, dark and handsome tooo. I love fried eggs wel wel. Hmmmm yummy. What would your interpretation of fried eggs be? since in your dictionarry egg = man. lol!!!

Today's ranting said...

answer my question ooo.

naijalines said...

That's the beauty of words. Like I say I'm happily yoked...So relationships and eggs... what binds them is the 'yoke'. Even wittier when you made the connection in your post.

Anonymous said...

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