Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm still around oh!!!!!!

So you punked me Andy! That was so unfair! There I was thinking Naeto C actually had a crush on me. Get ready Janet Jackson is about to call you!...

And no, I am not in training.

Truth is...ok, I got this job at an embassy, to be like the ambassador's P.A. The job requires a lot of French language since the country is a French speaking country. They speak German and Dutch too. Have you guessed the country yet?

Anyway, I resign from my marketing researcher job and now my boss wouldn't let me leave.

Then there's also the bank job I got.
I am in a job maze and looking for the right way out.
I need guidance and I have been asking God for it. The thing is I am sure I know what to do but the courage to make a decision and be ready to bear the consequences no matter how it turns out fails me.

Thankfully, my love life is good so in that I find some solace. I'd have crumbled like a cookie otherwise.
God is faithful.
Share your thoughts with me. Whatever it is. Cheer me up some.
Take care peeps.


fantasy queen said...

congrats sweety! when blessings come they come in floods yeah?
pray pray pray and pray some more about it. you'll make the right coice in the end.

Funms said...

Enquire from God what he wants you to do... Encouragement is the way to refocus on God after which you shld enquire of him. Some times we start enquiring before we refocus on God. We take a path so that we are encouraged! This is backwards! Never make panicked decisions especially as you may feel that a sudden opportunity is God sent... It not always is......
Good luck in your decision, remember to follow ur heart and passion

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Wow! Felicitations pour le travaille!! C'est en France, je pense?
Felicitations ma amie!!

Afrobabe said...

which foolish bank job is that one? biko sweetheart choose the embassey...

from a sister who loves you and wants you to mingle and MARRY WELL!!!

Dont follow ur heart oh, follow your head....

La Reine said...

Well, God is your strength, He has your back, just seek Him.

And congrats.

-I ran into an article Nigerians should read, check it out:

Standtall said...

God will lead you. He will guide your step and give u the courage to use your wisdom wisely. Gongrats dear

AlooFar said...

Hey chic,

Job maze? I don't envy you at all.

Just make the right decision. And don't forget me when you start earning your armed robber salary ;)

LG said...

Congrats swerri,
God ll direct u in making the right decisions'

lol@aloofaa; but bros which ones b armed robber salary again???

Aphrodite said...

It's great to have choices but they can be really confusing.

Pray about it dear and then go with the job your heart tells you to.

ejura said...

@fq: Thanks gurl!I've finally made my choice. I've broken my boss' heart but a girl's gota do what a girl's gota do!

@ fumns: Yeah, my heart and my passion. I'm going with my passion...i think...Thanks dear.

@ndq: Merci Cherie, mais ce n'est pas en France. C'est toujours ici au Nigeria dans l'un des ambassades se trouvent partout a abuja.

@afrobabe: You ehn! Ever blunt, ever taking it from another angle, ever realistic in the most funny way. I agree with you jo! I wan marry well. lol!

ejura said...

@ la reine: Thanks your highness! I'd check out the article.takia

@standtall: Amen!

@aloofar: which one come be armed robber salary? Mind yourself oh if not...I'd deport you to a french speaking country where hitler's ghost will be in power...

@lg: Babes, long time! Thanks.

@aphrodite: True, true...choices can be confusing but then a life without choices would be down rite so predictable and boring.
I think I've taken the right path for the moment...takia

ejura said...

@ afrobabe: What pic do you have in your profile now? This gurl!

webround said...

hope u took the embassy job so that i can get my visa when i apply.

congrats on the job offers!!

Yewande Atanda said...

Be careful and take your time. I also faced a similar dilemma after my 6month-training in a private CSE school. I had two beautiful opportunities but was undecided on which one to choose. Eventually, I lost both. But thank God, I survived the storm.

What u need 2do is to pray over it and go 4 the best. Its not all abt money, think abt Job Condition, Staff Welfare and Nature of Responsibility.

kay-shawn said...

Congrats on the multiple choice you have.

Hope you choose the best one.

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wellsbaba said... u are alive after happy4u oo work plenty so tey u dey choose,bella sef no get dis kain opportunities

Aijay said...

Hey babe, missed u... good to know all is well with u.
As for the job, trust God on that. He'll direct u, u'll make the right choice.